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Carnelian Freeform

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Carnelian crystal freeform for positive, fiery & passionate energy. 

Comes with a carnelian crystal collectors card with its metaphysical properties. Approximately 3-4.5 Inches tall


WHY • To call upon the healing properties of warmth. To renew jaded hearts with a sense of purpose. To beckon forth the pure happiness of creation. Carnelian is a restorative stone, transforming anger into a vibrant lust for life.

HOW • Carnelian alchemizes the lower-frequency emotions associated with the fire element (rage, envy, and destructive tendencies) into healthy rigor and vivacity. It encourages a healing integration of sexuality and creative abilities, imbuing its guardian with a sense of positivity.

WHERE • Meditate with carnelian on or near the sacral chakra (lower abdomen below the navel). Carnelian soothes lower back problems and helps with symptoms of depression.

Learn more about the healing properties and uses of Carnelian crystal on our blog here..

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