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Carnelian: The Life-Force Crystal

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Carnelian: The Life-Force Crystal

Carnelian: The Life-Force Crystal

Unlock your potential and live life fully.

Known as the “charm of light”, Carnelian is a red crystal that embodies life force energy and is a powerful ally to its user. It’s known to increase energy, enhance vitality, and augment creativity. But it’s so much more than surface-level power. Carnelian lights you up from the inside out--illuminating your best qualities and letting the authentic you shine through. 
Carnelian Crystal Meaning
Carnelian comes from the Latin cornum, meaning a pale, red cherry. This dusty red crystal resembles the fruit. First discovered in neolithic Bulgaria, Carnelian was polished into tiny beads and was believed to have holy, celestial meaning and powers.
Carnelian was worn by royals, decorated Egyptian pharaohs, and was a prized gift Persians gave to friends and family. Today, Carnelian remains an internationally celebrated crystal the gift that keeps on giving.
The life-force crystal is associated with July, zodiacs Cancer, Taurus, Leo, and Virgo. Its element is fire, the planetary ruler is Mars, and is connected to the number 5.
Carnelian Crystal Benefits 
carnelian crystal
Beyond its illustrious beauty and allure, Carnelian's healing properties expand through the body, mind, and spirit. Primarily stabilizing and releasing stagnant energy, this crystal is all about bringing out the good in you and in life.
Balance Root Chakra 
Stabilizing and grounding, Carnelian correlates to two chakras, the first is the root chakra. The root chakra is the source of life force energy. It establishes drive, passion, survival--it is the foundation of all we do and achieve.
A blocked root chakra can leave you tired, unambitious, and insecure. Carnelian ignites your sense of self and helps you find and focus on your purpose. With Carnelian, you can unblock your root chakra and find your zest for life again.
Open Sacral Chakra
The second chakra to be reawakened by Carnelian is the Sacral Chakra. This energy source governs intimacy, creativity, self-expression, and the divine feminine. When the Sacral Chakra is blocked, we lose touch with our imagination, find it hard to be vulnerable, lack expression, and feel emotionally unstable.
Carnelian can help restore inner connectedness and thus help you connect with others. Carnelian is a great friendship stone as it helps unite two spirits and inspires openness and fosters emotional stability. Resonating the Sacral Chakra, Carnelian helps release you from limiting belief systems and helps you remain open to all possibilities.
Tap Into Your Potential
Carnelian crystal is a divine tool for self-discovery, especially if you seek to know what you’re made of. Beyond stardust and pure love, your potential for greatness is infinite. But social conditioning, trauma, guilt, regret, and time can cause us to forget our natural, instinctual greatness.
Warriors once wore Carnelian into battle as it was believed to bring forth courage and resilience.
Carnelian red crystal radiates confidence. It will reflect the version of you before the pain, for the heartbreak, before the let downs, and before the neglected dreams. It can serve to inspire you and reawaken old passions and encourage you to take inspired action. Carnelian reminds you that it’s never too late and that you are enough.
Restore Passion
Within a relationship, within your work, and throughout life in general--passion is one of the most intense and exciting emotional experiences. When passion dies out, interest is soon to follow it out the door resulting in many missed opportunities.
Carnelian works as a reminder of long-term goals to keep you excited and inspired to stick it out. It also evokes feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the small things. Use Carnelian to rouse your interests and get you excited about all the things worth living for. It is also believed to boost fertility and empower your sexual expression
Carnelian Jewelry Benefits
Wearing Carnelian jewelry is an ode to ancient practices. It brings for all of these aforementioned benefits and is especially good for self-esteem, confidence, speaking, and facing challenging situations.
Carnelian pendants are good for attracting like-minded friends and lovers, bring you good luck, and improves how others may perceive you.
Carnelian Crystal Affirmations
Feel confident, passionate, and energized with the help of Carnelian affirmations.
I’m full of life and I draw energy from my breath
I stand in my power and express who I am with full confidence
I am always moving in a better direction using my joy as a compass
I am comfortable expressing my desires and having my needs met
It is easy to connect with myself and others
I am enough, I have enough, and I do enough
I choose courage and enthusiasm as I pursue my best life
I am unique and what I offer the world is precious
With a grateful heart, I face the day and look forward to all it has to offer
My life so far has made me mentally and emotionally strong
I am always aware of my chance to choose love above all other feelings

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