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Love Bracelet Trio

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Each bracelet in this set features a unique crystal known for its loving, healing properties, accompanied by a pouch and a crystal-specific healing card for enhanced mindfulness.

Love Crystal Bracelet Trio, a carefully curated set of three exquisite crystals known for their ability to attract luck, love, and positive energies into your life. Each bracelet features a unique gemstone chosen for its auspicious qualities:

1. Rose Quartz:

  • Embrace the loving energy of Rose Quartz, renowned as the stone of unconditional love and compassion.
  • Invite luck in matters of the heart and strengthen your relationships with this gentle and nurturing crystal.

2. Garnet:

  • Garnet, often associated with love and passion, brings vitality and positivity to your life.
  • Experience increased confidence and prosperity as you harness the vibrant energy of this gem.

3. Rhodonite:

  • Rhodonite is known for its ability to attract love, heal emotional wounds, and encourage forgiveness.
  • Embrace harmony in your relationships and create a magnetic aura of positivity with this powerful crystal.
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