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Rare Charoite Sphere

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Charoite is a lavender to violet stone known for its swirling patterns that are reminiscent of the Northern Lights. It was discovered in Russia in the 1940s and named after Chara river, where it was found. Resplendent, it is an extremely rare stone found only in Siberia, Russia – and there. A silicate mineral, meaning that it is composed of silicate groups containing silicon and oxygen atoms.

Charoite is a gemstone that opens the heart and encourages the kundalini energy to flow into the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Charoite opens the heart to enhance the healing flow of inspiration into the third eye. A truly powerful tool for activating one's psychic qualities.

Comes with a charoite crystal collectors card. Approximate dimensions 2.4 inches, 200 grams

Sphere stands sold separately 

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