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8 Healing Crystals for the Heart Chakra

8 Healing Crystals for the Heart Chakra
8 Healing Crystals for the Heart Chakra
Restore, expand, and fulfill your most powerful love-source.
Also called the 4th Chakra and Anahata--the Heart Chakra is perhaps the most commonly unbalanced chakra and yet the most important for a fulfilling human experience. Anahata is a Sanskrit word that means unbroken and unstruck. Perhaps not exactly the same state as your heart.
Rose quartz tower
Crystals, your spiritual allies, are vibrationally primed to unblock chakras. But only a few resonate a level of healing that can permeate the fourth chakra and restore your heart space. This stone is great for opening the heart, amplifying energy and promoting unconditional love. 
Signs Your heart Chakra is Blocked
If you have blockages in the heart chakra you will find it challenging to be
  • Connect and be social
  • Understand your emotions
  • Self-soothe
  • Be passionate and excited about your interests
  • Understand others or interpret their emotional needs
  • Emotionally available
If there is an imbalance in the heart chakra, you will find it hard to
  • Receive love
  • Take time for yourself
  • Be happy for others
  • Accept yourself
  • Tap into the divine feminine
Most of the time, an unstable heart chakra looks like
  • Jealousy
  • Judgment
  • Self-betrayal
  • Loneliness
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Codependency
It’s often deep hurt these heart-space abnormalities. So be kind and gentle to yourself as you navigate the reopening and expansion of your heart chakra.
Jade: Self-Worth
green jade crystal
Green Jade has long been held as a talisman for good luck. And while it might not attract the luck people hope for, it sure can create confidence in the holder.
Jade has a magnetic energy and is all about helping you raise and maintain your standards. If you struggle with getting what you deserve from work or people, Jade is going to make you bold and encourage you to demand your worth. Only use Jade if you’re ready to make boss moves in life.
Amazonite: Compassion & Empathy
amazonite crystal
Unleashing the heart and throat chakra, Amazonite illuminates the warrior energy tucked within you. You may be tempted to fight people’s battles because Amazonite will give you a sense of what others are going through.
When the heart chakra is blocked it’s hard to feel your own pain, let alone what others are suffering with. Amazonite exudes compassion and empathy-- necessary for richer more meaningful relationships and connections.
Moss Agate: Nurture & Process Emotions
moss agate tower
The heart chakra is responsible for processing emotions. If it’s not flowing with effortless energy, it can become easy to feel overwhelmed even at the slightest inconvenience. Moss Agate reintroduces ease with its soothing energy.
Use Moss Agate to help feel and release emotions without the need to attach to them, identify with them, or create a narrative around them. Simply feel and release.
Quartz: Harmonize & Amplify
quartz crystal
One of the worst symptoms of an imbalanced heart chakra is apathy. Similar to the numbness that occurs with depression. Quartz helps you feel alive again. 
Use quartz to inspire interest in the things you once enjoyed. You may also begin to see the silver lining in life and lean more toward optimism when working with Quartz. Clear Quartz vibrates exceptionally high and can make you excited about love again.
Malachite: Forgiveness & Acceptance
malachite crystal
Malachite contains dense, palpable energy that’s impossible to ignore. It can unearth any pain that you’ve been resisting. Malachite says the only way out is through.
Malachite invites you to call your energy back to yourself by releasing toxic soul ties. Through forgiveness, you can let go of the suffering others have inflicted and begin to trust again. This stone is all about releasing and clearing out stagnant energy from the heart chakra.
Green Aventurine: Beauty & Bliss
green aventurine crystal
Green Aventurine is ready to clear emotional blocks that keep you from putting yourself out there and showing up in the world as your full, authentic self. 
Uplifting and gentle, this crystal encourages you to live life according to what you want and not by what your past demonstrates. It dares you to nurture your spiritual growth and wellbeing by inviting new energy in. Aventurine is ideal for releasing anger and resentment.
Rhodonite: Trust & Power
rhodonite crystal
When your heart chakra has been cleared and restored, Rhodonite’s energy sweeps in filling it with personal power, a sense of identity, and a willingness to connect to others again.
Rhodonite works with your inner child, encouraging her to be brave, and nurturing her ability to love and be loved unconditionally.
Rose Quartz: Heart Healing & Love Invitation
rose quartz healing crystal
The ultimate heart chakra crystal is the Rose Quartz. Oozing in healing, restorative energy Rose Quartz is a soul-soothing gem. Bringing in restoration and illumination, Rose Quartz allows you to lead with love by being more compassionate to yourself and others. Rose Quartz is what allows you to take your pain and turn it into power.
The heart is always beckoning for love and connection. Use these divine crystals for the heart chakra to supplement your journey toward and healing and expansion.

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