The Top 5 Crystals for opening your Third Eye chakra

best crystals for the third eye

The Best Crystals for Your Third Eye Chakra : 

As we all know, seven (07) chakras are the main energy centers of our body. Out of these seven, the sixth chakra is called the Ajna or Third eye chakra. The word "Ajna" in Sanskrit means "perceiving," "command," or "beyond wisdom." It is referred to as the "seat of intuition." The Third Eye is known to be located in the forehead' center, between the eyebrows. This sixth chakra is a powerhouse of wisdom, higher consciousness and spiritual awareness. 
The Third Eye Chakra relates to your ability to focus on the bigger picture empowered by your refined intuition and instinct. Having an activated third eye chakra, connecting with the present moment becomes more straightforward, and you conveniently distance yourself from dwelling in the past or anticipating the future. It is an incredibly spiritual chakra, allowing room for a spiritual awakening. It helps you connect to your higher knowing, intuition, and hidden psychic abilities.
The sixth chakra, also known as Brow chakra, BhruMadhya, or Dvidak Padma, is generally represented with purple or indigo. It is associated with the "Supreme Elements," which combines all the elements in their purest form. This energy center is located at the forefront of your brain, right between your two eyes, thus called the "Third Eye Chakra." This sixth chakra regulates your vision and pineal gland, imagination, and memory. It effectively connects your conscious mind with the natural world by allowing the energy flow to interact with your consciousness through this chakra.
Your goal is to keep your Third Eye Chakra open and active so that you can see everything and with a healthy conscience. Unblocking your Third Eye Chakra allows you to make decisions with a sense of genuine neutrality. It helps you stay concerned yet detached from any single outcome of your decision. According to metaphysics, the Third Eye Chakra is the center where you transcend duality. It enables you to possess a personality that exists independently from everything else. It is undoubtedly the most significant manifestation of deep insight and psychic powers and enriches your spiritual journey towards clarity.
third eye open
Have you ever experienced that you could sense something was about to occur before it happened? Having a sixth sense or third eye can be burdensome if you do not handle it. An overactive Third Eye Chakra can be overwhelming and disorienting. It can cause a lot of psychic distress. If you are not grounded enough, an overactive third eye might sweep you off your feet, and you may feel mentally exhausted because of the constant flow of thoughts. Even simple decisions may appear quite intimidating. Blocked and overactive Third Eye Chakra can be a problem, and there are multiple ways to attain a good balance.
Since it is an excellent source of intuitive wisdom, guiding you towards creative pursuits, getting away with negativity, providing knowledgeable insight, and leading you to the highest form of intelligence, it is crucial to have an activated and balanced Third Eye Chakra. If you suffer from a lack of concentration, fear of the unknown, or lack of intuition, you might be suffering from underactive Third Eye Chakra. A blocked sixth chakra may disconnect you from the universe and make you unable to self-reflect or see past illusions.
Healers believe that meditation is a fantastic way to awaken, activate and vitalize your third eye. But the most effective and straightforward way is to employ the crystals' healing energies. 

Third eye opening crystals :

amethyst healing crystal


  1. Amethyst SHOP HERE
Amethyst is a gorgeous purple crystal that is also called the Stone of Spirituality. It is most commonly used to heal and soothe the Third Eye Chakra. It possesses unique energetic properties that greatly influence your overall spirituality and intuition. Meditating with amethyst helps restore balance to your Third Eye Chakra by calming your mind while awakening your soul.
Found in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Britain, and Africa, Amethyst can help bring balance and harmony to your overacting sixth sense. It contributes to powerful psychic opening and clarity of the mind. When the Third Eye Chakra is blocked, it can make you experience negative and disturbing dreams. Keeping an Amethyst crystal in your pocket not only activates your Third Eye Chakra but also helps protect you from negative dreams, enabling you to understand your abilities with patience and wisdom. Amethyst, due to its high vibrational properties, stimulates memory formation and encourages inner reflections.
2.     Labradorite- SHOP HERE
Labradorite is an incredibly beautiful, varicolored bluestone, ideal for warding off negative energies. A blocked Third Eye Chakra causes negative outlooks and mentalities, and Labradorite removes all such negative energies. The 6th chakra can be blocked from both the back and the front; a block in the back can lead to hasty actions without due thought process, while a block in the front leads to an incapacity to take action altogether. Labradorite opens up the Third Eye Chakra and protects it from all sides from negative forces. Having Labradorite by your side makes you make better decisions due to enhanced clairsentience, clairvoyance, and psychic powers.
sodalite crystal
3.        Sodalite SHOP HERE
Sodalite is an amazing spiritual healing crystal that contains all the power to activate and balance the Third Eye Chakra. It has mind-centered energy that resonates strongly with the Third Eye Chakra and encourages creative ideas and mental clarity. Sodalite clears mental debris, keeping the pathway open and rational, coupled with intuitive and spiritual perception.
Sodalite is popularly known as The Writers Stone or Students Stone because of its extraordinary impact on enhancing memory, improving focus, quietening distracting thoughts, and stimulating intelligence. You can effectively employ the calming energy of Sodalite during meditation to soothe your fears and connect you to your higher self by determining your life purpose.
This enticing blue crystal with white flecks has incredible harmonizing energies that integrate logic and intuition. Sodalite stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and the pineal, inspiring you to consider yourself about the vast universe. It is ideal for awakening insights into the self and reality.
Lepidolite crystal
4.         Lepidolite -  SHOP HERE
Lepidolite is an excellent healing crystal, perfect for reducing stress and anxiety and activating Third Eye Chakra because of its soothing and comforting effect on your mind. Doing meditation using Lepidolite is highly recommended in stressful situations. Having a mesmerizing purple hue, Lepidolite, helps you live in the present moment by encouraging you to be mindful and still. It is among the best crystals for removing self-doubt, limiting overthinking, and boosting our mood.
Lepidolite helps improve your perception by accessing guidance from higher consciousness to better understanding yourself. It assists you in perceiving our hardships as lessons and reveals your true nature. This delicate lilac purple-colored stone is emotionally soothing, brings calmness to the mind, and enhances spiritual awareness.
5.        Lapis Lazuli -  SHOP HERE
Lapis Lazuli, or the "Stone of Enlightenment and Illumination," is a long-revered majestic stone connected to Ancient Egypt. It balances and activates the Third Eye Chakra and expands intellectual ability while improving mental strength. Lapis lazuli resonates with the mystical energies of the Third Eye Chakra, activates your psychic centers, and helps you develop and enhance intuition. The deep blue color of Lapis Lazuli opens your mind and assists in the detachment of consciousness from everything around you. The vibrational energy of this visionary healing crystal works as a courageous protector. It conditions your energy to higher vibrations enabling you to improve your spiritual progress. It encourages you to connect with the spirit guides while enhancing your dream recalling abilities.




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