Crystals For Throat Chakra

Crystals For Throat Chakra

Crystals For Throat Chakra

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Become an advocate for yourself and liberate your expression

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra and is also referred to as the Vishudda chakra and is harmonized with the color blue. The throat chakra is responsible for


  • Communication
  • Expression
  • Creativity
  • Authenticity
  • Advocacy
  • Your Truth


When you have a blocked throat chakra, you’re more likely to


  • Feel anxious in a social setting 
  • Struggle speaking up for yourself
  • Sharing ideas
  • Find it hard to be honest with yourself and others
  • A tendency to gossip
  • Suffer from lack of boundaries
  • Say “yes” when you mean “no”


Sharing who you really are and what you truly think and feel is imperative. The world misses out on your authentic self and you miss out on the world when your throat chakra is blocked. This isn’t just about saying what you mean, it’s about showing up for yourself and living intentionally.


What’s most unique about the throat chakra is that it works with all of the other chakras --for example the sacral chakra for inspiration and the root chakra for communicating healthy boundaries. This makes it even more imperative to keep the fifth chakra open, and flowing with energy. The following crystals for the throat chakra will help with this alignment.

Sodalite-Clarify Your Message



Ever know, without a shadow of a doubt, what you think and feel about a matter, but as soon as you open your mouth you fumble and stumble your way through sentences? Sodalite works with the third eye chakra and the throat chakra to help you get your point across. Instead of overthinking and manufacturing words, sodalite inspires you to feel your way through communication.


Sodalite is a rich, blue crystal with speckles of deep grey. Its energy harmonizes thoughts, feelings, and speech allowing you to speak with clarity and confidence.

Blue Calcite- Don’t Hold Back

blue calcite crystal

One of the most painful throat chakra blockages is when you resist saying what you want. Perhaps you think you won’t be understood, heard, or have convinced yourself it’s not worth it to speak up.


There are times where silence is necessary in such a loud world. But Blue Calcite is here to remove the lump in your throat when it matters most. The calming energy of Blue Calcite gives you access to the spiritual realm, where you are always heard and supported. With celestial encouragement, this crystal will make it easier to say the hard things you’ve been holding back.

Labradorite- Lead with Love


Labradorite is a powerful crystal with remarkable healing properties for all chakras. Labradorite for throat chakras helps release trauma that can feel like it’s literally choking you.


Labradorite is helpful if you haven’t cried or released pain in a long time. Use this gem to let go of painful memories and events that haunt you. Using deep, loud sighs--work with Labradorite to open the throat chakra and release old, stagnant energy.

Kyanite- Align with Inner Wisdom



Kyanite holds a warm and harmonizing energy that brings a level of stillness to your voice by removing doubt and insecurity. Helping you to tap into your inner wisdom, Kyanite is the perfect crystal to keep nearby if you are giving a speech, leading an important meeting, or presenting a proposal.


This crystal is excellent if someone is seeking your advice. They come to you because they know you have the right things to say. Use Kyanite to successfully share your enlightened ways.

Lapis Lazuli- Stand in Your Truth

lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is notably one of the most glorious crystals next to Amethyst. Rich, royal blue with flecks of gold ooze regal energy. This show-stopping crystal encourages eloquence in your expression and self-assurance in your delivery.


Inviting you to stand in your truth, Lapis lazuli instills power and promotes creativity. This crystal is prescribed to poets, writers, painters, singers, and other creatives who rely on meaningful expression to get their message across.

Amazonite- Call in Your Power

The throat chakra doesn’t just represent speaking your truth and delivering your message with clarity, it’s also about living in that same, empowered state. Amazonite is a warrior crystal used to call back your power. Use this crystal if you find yourself drained after a day of meetings or when you feel you are tired of over-explaining to be understood.

Affirmations to Open the Throat Chakra

With your crystals for the throat chakra in tow, chant the following affirmations to open the chakra and invite new energy into it. 


My words have power 

I am heard and I am understood

I align with my truth 

I value what others have to say

I invite opportunities to communicate

I trust what I have to say

I know what I’m talking about

I am worthy of being heard

I have the courage to speak in front of others

I am authentic and it is noticeable in how I talk

I express freely and my expression is beauty



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