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Rose Quartz Tower

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Crystal towers have become a powerful tool for energy direction. They are associated with the pyramid, which is considered one of the strongest geometrical shapes and has been used throughout history to uplift consciousness.  Tower generators are powerful tools for manifestation and intention setting.

Associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz crystal is known for its capacity to warm the heart and encourage feelings of love. Perfect for balancing feminine energies, this gemstone attunes to positive romantic vibrations to generate harmony in relationships or spark new ones. When you wear rose quartz, it encourages physical comfort and self-love by soothing wounds or anxieties that prevent loving behavior. 

Approximate size : 60-90gr 2 inch, 100-200gr 2.5 inch, 200-300gr 3-3.5 inch.

Each crystal point is one of a kind and varies in shape and size due to natural formations. 



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