Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space

Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space

Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space

Most of us are familiar with the experience of selecting a new dwelling. And more often than not, that process requires a substantial expenditure of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. As our spaces are where our most intimate selves both unravel and find grounding, any mindful intention we put into choosing a home—or settling further into one we already have—is an act of honoring the home we each have within our spirit.

Home numerology is the study of the mystical numerical relationship between a house or apartment address and how it may shape the lives of those who inhabit it. Not only can it help you set an intention for the next chapter of your life as you select a new home, but it can also be used to more deeply understand the vibration of the home you already have—and empower you to shape it.

To find the numerological imprint of your home, add up the numbers of the building’s street address (or the apartment number, if you live in an apartment). If you get a two-digit number, add it again so it reduces to one number. To illustrate, 555 Crystal Street = 5+5+5 = 15 = 1+5 = 6. For 555 Crystal Street Apartment 3, your number would be 3.

Let it be known that if you do not resonate with the number of the home you already inhabit, you can work with the energy to increase compatibility with your true intention for your space. Simply find another number that, when combined with your home number, will add up to the number corresponding to the energy you wish to cultivate within the home. Then, hang the number on the other side of your door.

If you live in a 1 home, it resonates with the energy of the divine self. Ego and individuality can be developed here, promoting themes of unity and oneness. It’s perfect for single people or anyone embarking upon a new beginning. Those looking to develop their sense of self will do well within a 1 space. But don’t forget to resurface once in a while—take care to make time for loved ones to find balance in that journey of self-discovery.

Speaking of balance, a 2 home will provide just that. It’s ideal for those who want to go deeper into the power of union, and thus it’s an auspicious number for couples. It’s also useful for those seeking a harmonious work-life balance. Togetherness is the theme of this vibration. Honor the balance with some healthy alone time, and you’ll be set.

3 is the dwelling number suited for those seeking to grow more intimate with their inner well of creativity. It relishes and uplifts the energy of artists and others whose lifestyles and life’s work revolve around synthesis. As this number promotes self-expression, it works well with the intentions of those who seek to create within a close-knit community of family and friends. 

House number 4 is where you want to be when everything spins out of control. This space will ground you in times of crisis, as it promotes vibrations of stability and sober, responsible progress. This is the place to work consistently towards a healthy goal, especially one having to do with business or finance. An added plus—the cozy earthiness of protection makes it a place where houseplants will flourish.

If you want to live your life with the bombastic, electric energy of extroversion and adventure, 5 is your home. Houses with this imprint invite parties, laughter, experimentation, exploration, and the chaotic sweetness of lives lived together. You’ll be asked to go deeper into your understanding of freedom, contending with your fears, anxieties, and hang-ups along the way. This one is for the fiery hearts.

Home 6 is also for togetherness, but a different kind. This space best suits families with children and pets. There’s always something to do, always a conversation to listen in on, always a heart to mend with a cozy supper. It’s the most domestic of the home numerology imprints, and you might feel so comfy in your nest you won’t want to leave. It might also feel suffocating, though, and it’s important that you balance your at-home responsibilities with the liberating bliss of interacting with the outside world.

When 7 shows up, it’s a sign. This number carries with it a secret, private energy, traditionally representing the sacred mystery of the ancient divine. A 7 home carries that scent within it, protecting and guiding those with spiritual aspirations for their day-to-day existence. 7 is the place for introverts, writers, or anyone for whom introspection and quiet reflection are significant. At lease’s end, you just might emerge from a 7 home the closest you’ve ever been to your own soul.

8 brings with it the joy of abundance. It’s an ideal placement for single professionals, or anyone focused on achieving a goal to be actualized within the material realm. You’re being asked to level-up, and the house demands it too—be careful not to spend all your newfound prosperity on things meant to impress others. Remember money is an energy that comes and goes.

A 9 home will be sure to draw those in need of love to your dwelling. Representing the energy of compassion and community, generosity of possessions and of spirit will be a theme encountered by those who reside within a 9 space. Be prepared for visitors from all walks of life and corners of the earth, and relish in the mutual exchange of harmony, peace, and collaboration that you’ll meet with them.

Once you’ve delved into the energetic identity of your home and set your intentions through it, seal your practice with a thought of gratitude for your house or apartment and its potential. Home is what you shape it into.

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