No more New Year's resolutions: Try this powerful ritual instead

No more New Year's resolutions: Try this powerful ritual instead

No more New Year's resolutions: Try this powerful ritual instead


Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions? You might want to get started since January is right around the corner. 


But have you ever wondered where this tradition comes from? Why do we feel the need to commit to these ideas? Well, we did, and here's what we found out. 


This tradition dates back 4000 years ago, in ancient Babylon. As people celebrated the beginning of a new year, they promised the gods that they would pay their debts and return any they'd borrowed. This tradition evolved into what we practice today, taking advantage of this "new beginning" to leave bad habits behind.


But what if we cut with this narrative once and for all? What if instead of setting unattainable goals and focusing on your "faults" we set intentions, and decide what we want to feel and attract?


We propose a new New Year's ritual, based on love, abundance, and gratitude. Sounds great right? Let's break it down then. Here are the 5 steps we recommend you do on December 31st, as you walk into 2022:


1. The forgiveness list: When we forgive we heal, clear, and give a signal to the universe that we are ready to receive. Sometimes it ain't easy, but transcending is the only way humans can continue to move forward and experience a state of wholeness. Put on your favorite music, move your hips for a few minutes (this is where we store our emotions such as stress, fears, and frustrations). We invite you to literally dance like no one's watching. This will allow you to feel lighter. Once you feel ready, sit down on the floor, and start writing a list of things (and people) you're ready to let go of. Start by writing "I forgive myself for..." and allow yourself to free-write for a few minutes. Once finished, read it out loud one last time and set it on fire.


2. Rose essential oil: Now that you have space to let the "new" in, it's time to give yourself a massive amount of love + raise your vibration. Start by taking a hot shower or a long bath. Take your time. Remember, we're setting the tone for 2022, so please don't rush. Apply a drop of rose oil to your heart chakra, another one on your solar plexus, and one last one on top of your root chakra. A single drop of this oil has a vibration of 320 MHz, and in just 22 seconds you will begin to vibrate 5 times higher than you normally do when you're healthy. After you bless your energy system, place your rose quartz in a circle around you. Close your eyes and repeat this mantra: "I am love, and I am whole". Repeat as many times as necessary. *Extra points if you do this in front of a mirror.


3. Gratitude Practice: Now, it's time to express gratitude. Light up a candle, place your bare feet on the ground (if you can go outside, and connect with nature, all the better), and look up at the sky. This alone will help you feel grounded and connected. Start counting your blessings out loud. Give thanks for the things you take for granted, the ones you truly appreciate, and especially for the wonderful people you have in your life. When we practice gratitude we experience a shift in our emotions, feel more alive, and even boost our immune system.


4. Abundance crystals: As the clock gets closer to midnight, make sure your crystals are charged with your intention. Crystals can't do the work alone, you have to program them so they know what to do. Set your crystals up and get ready to start manifesting abundance. Citrine will help you connect with your abundance destiny. Green aventurine will make you feel blessed. And pyrite will allow you to keep that which creates and release that which destroys. Choose the right one for you, use your intuition to choose your abundance ally. Hold it in your hands, whisper your intention to it, and close your eyes for a minute or two. Try to feel the energy emanating from them. Now, imagine how that energy begins to surround your entire body and create a golden energy field around you. You're set! Remember to keep your crystals close to you during the entire year. PS. We've got an abundance kit, perfect for this occasion ;) Check it out here.


5. Finally, you are going to create your own mantra for 2022. But unlike the resolutions, intentions are not focused on actions, goals, or achievements. Intentions focus on what you want to feel, experience, and attract. Here's an example: "I am present and therefore I can enjoy the simpler things in life.”



What do you think? Will you give it a try?


We hope you have a Happy New Year and we wish you all the best for this new year! May it be your best (so far).












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