The Benefits Of Using A Crystal Gua Sha For Your Face

The Benefits Of Using A Crystal Gua Sha For Your Face

The Benefits Of Using A Crystal Gua Sha For Your Face

The Gua Sha tool has increased exponentially in popularity over the last few years. Let’s face it, everyone wants to look younger and more attractive! And if this smooth little tool is able to depuff your face and chisel out your jaw and cheekbones, then why not?


If you're looking to add a new tool to your skincare routine, consider using a crystal gua sha. Crystal gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that involves using a smooth, flat tool to massage the skin, promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Not only does this help to reduce puffiness and promote a brighter complexion, but it also helps to relieve tension in the muscles of the face. Crystal gua sha tools are made from a variety of natural crystals, each with their own unique healing properties. Whether you choose rose quartz, jade, or amethyst, incorporating a crystal gua sha into your skincare routine can provide a range of benefits, from reducing fine lines and wrinkles to improving skin texture and tone. 

If you haven’t heard of a Gua Sha, then you’re probably curious to find out what is a Gua Sha and how to use a Gua Sha for your face - and even for your body. Continue reading to learn about this fascinating little tool and the benefits you can expect when using it.


What Is A Gua Sha?

crystal gua sha

The Gua Sha has been around for centuries, even if this is the first time you may be hearing about it. This face-scraping tool originated in China and is seen as an ancient healing technique. The Gua Sha is often made out of jade or rose quartz crystal. It was first used as a technique on the body to smooth out any knots or tightness in the muscles, but it has now evolved into the much gentler facial massage we know today. 


The scraping massage promotes lymphatic drainage which helps to depuff and debloat caused by trapped fluid in the body and the face. The Gua Sha is used to accelerate lymphatic drainage to help the body get rid of all unnecessary toxins and build-up. 


How To Use A Gua Sha Crystal

Using a Gua Sha is relatively easy, all you need is a Gua Sha crystal and a slippery facial oil or cream. Apply the oil or cream and use the Gua Sha all over your face, neck, and decolletage using the tool. 


You want to use a gentle pressure as you apply even strokes using the direction of the natural lymphatic flow of your body. Think of starting at the centre of your face and then stroking the Gua Sha crystal outwards towards the side of your face.


Don’t be alarmed if your face starts going red as this is what you want to see. This whole process stimulates circulation and gives a boost to your lymphatic system to help get rid of any fluids trapped in the body.

 green aventurine crystal gua sha

The Best Crystals For Gua Sha

Crystals hold enormous healing power and knowing the benefits of each stone can help you decide which type of Gua Sha crystal would be best for you and your own personal needs. Here are some of the crystals used for Gua Sha:

 Green aventurine Crystal for Gua Sha

Green Aventurine is a top choice for those seeking to enhance their skincare routine. Ideal for crystal gua sha, it promotes skin healing and rejuvenation, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. By using a Green Aventurine gua sha tool, you can boost collagen production, resulting in a brighter and smoother complexion. This calming crystal is also believed to soothe the mind. Add Green Aventurine to your beauty toolkit for a more radiant complexion

Jade Crystal For Gua Sha

The Jade crystal Gua Sha has a long history and is the preferred crystal for Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. This green crystal represents wealth, health, longevity, and prosperity. This crystal is believed to draw out negative energy, so it makes complete sense that it would be used as a detoxification tool. This crystal also has skincare benefits because it is believed to be good for inflammation and reducing redness. This crystal is an all rounder.


Rose Quartz Crystal For Gua Sha

The Rose Quartz crystal is probably the most common crystal out there, and this is definitely reflected in how popular it is as a Gua Sha tool. The Rose Quartz represents love, healing, and compassion, and is extremely heart-opening. This crystal is often used to help issues of the heart - not only emotionally, but physically as it is seen to have some benefits for circulation. This makes it the perfect crystal for Gua Sha as it can boost the detoxification process on multiple layers and is best used for sensitive skin as the properties of this crystal are so gentle. 




Amethyst Crystal For Gua Sha

The Amethyst Gua Sha is starting to gain major popularity for its benefits as a beautifying tool. It is one of those all-purpose crystals that can help you with pretty much anything and everything. This crystal is said to help with stress, anxiety and headaches. It is also believed to be good for cell regeneration which makes it the perfect crystal to help improve your skin. This crystal is also used to fend and fight off disease. As a Gua Sha crystal, the Amethyst works so well because it is loaded with negative ions which helps with inflammation and healing. This crystal is especially good for redness and breakouts as it can help to calm down the skin.


So Which Gua Sha Crystal Is Best For You?

If you are still confused as to which Gua Sha Crystal to go for, here is a breakdown of what to go for:



  • Green Jade - Great all-rounder and is preferred by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. Very good for contouring and lifting any tight muscles. 
  • Rose Quartz - This is best to help with issues with circulation and detoxification. It can also help to promote feelings of self-love and self-healing.
  • Green Aventurine, reduce inflation, promote lymphatic system drainage, promoting self love
  • Amethyst - The best stone for inflammation, redness, and breakout prone skin. It can calm the most irritated skin.

And If you still can’t seem to decide which crystal Gua Sha is the best for you, then remember it is probably better to Gua Sha than not to Gua Sha. Go with what feels intuitively the best for you!


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