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Calm Bracelet Trio

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Experience a profound sense of calm and anxiety relief with our Calm Bracelet Trio, carefully designed to promote tranquility and balance. Each bracelet in this set features a unique crystal known for its anxiety-reducing properties, accompanied by a pouch and a crystal-specific healing card for enhanced mindfulness.

1. Lepidolite:

  • Embrace the gentle, nurturing vibes of Lepidolite, renowned for its anxiety-relieving qualities.
  • Find emotional balance and release tension as Lepidolite soothes your mind.
  • Carry a piece of serenity with you throughout the day.

2. White Howlite:

  • White Howlite promotes a calming atmosphere and eases stress.
  • Enhance your communication and emotional expression by wearing White Howlite.
  • Experience a profound sense of peace as this crystal harmonizes your energy.

3. Fluorite:

  • Discover mental clarity and heightened intuition with Fluorite, your shield against anxiety.
  • Allow Fluorite to absorb negative energies and replace them with positive vibes.
  • Navigate life's challenges with a clearer mind and a more tranquil spirit.

Embrace the power of these anxiety-reducing crystals and carry their serene energy with you wherever you go. The included pouch and crystal-specific healing cards offer guidance and mindfulness, allowing you to cultivate inner peace and emotional well-being with every wear. Elevate your journey toward tranquility and emotional balance with our Calm Bracelet Trio.

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