A Guide to Crystals for Gratitude

A Guide to Crystals for Gratitude

A Guide to Crystals for Gratitude

One of the most important things you can do to find more happiness and well-being in your everyday life is to practice gratitude.


Gratitude is not just a moment of feeling thankful for what’s good in your life- it’s a state of being. It’s a resonance, a frequency. Raise your level of awareness and allow abundance to flow in, change to a positive mental state. 


When you’re truly resonating with a state of gratitude, you can find appreciation for all that is, not just the pretty parts. You can find the lessons in the pain. You can find beauty amidst the mess.


Gratitude is a dot connector that helps you see the cosmic perfection of your life’s path, through all the twists and turns, and allows you to relish and take in this present moment you find yourself in.


So if you’re ready to go beyond the gratitude lists that lift your spirits for a moment until you get distracted by the struggles of real life again, and move into a state of gratitude that you can carry into every single situation you encounter, well crystals are one of the best tools to help you do just that.


The 5 Best Crystals For Gratitude





Crystals are one of the best tools to help you reach a state of gratitude because they’re frequency shifters. They move energy and can quite literally shift your state of consciousness. 


Here are our top 5 picks for the best crystals to help you resonate with that beautiful frequency of gratitude and have it ripple out into every area of your life.


Rose quartz


rose quartz


Gratitude resonates with the heart chakra, and rose quartz is a beautiful heart chakra healer.


With a gentle, loving, and nurturing quality, rose quartz is an activating, energizing stone that opens your heart and clears out the tangled vines of emotions you’ve been carrying there. 


It’s a beautiful stone to work with daily, to wear or carry with you, to keep by your bedside and in your workspace. You can even bathe with it and make a crystal elixir with it to drink its loving energy into your whole being.


Hold rose quartz up to your heart and breathe. Let its soothing pink energy flood your aura with comfort.


It can be programmed to help you find more gratitude, appreciation, and presence in your everyday life by simply speaking your intentions into your rose quartz, out loud or just in your heart. It will hold them and amplify their energy out to the universe.


Green Aventurine


green aventurine


Inspiring a full heart and a thankful mindset, green aventurine is an uplifting stone to help you stay in a state of gratitude no matter what life throws at you.


This is a crystal that shifts you out of your head full of worries, doubt, and criticism, into your heart full of possibilities.


Green aventurine resonates with the heart chakra, but it isn’t as gentle and loving as rose quartz- it has a bold, fearless quality that inspires you to grab life by the horns and get out and live it! 


A stone that brings abundance, good fortune, and a hopeful outlook on life, when you work with green aventurine you feel lucky just to be alive and get to explore the endless abundance and possibilities here on Earth. 


Red Jasper


red jasper crystal


A grounding and strengthening crystal, red jasper brings a sense of courage and stability that help you stay grounded and calm through any circumstances.


An incredibly nurturing stone, you can rub red jasper to help you soothe your worries, relieve stress and anxiety, and move into a state of appreciation for the present moment. 


It provides strength during difficult times and gives you the energy and endurance to keep moving forward no matter what happens.


A wonderful stone to work with through big life changes or anytime you feel insecure or unstable, red jasper will help ground you into the power of the earth, into the power of your body, and help you feel centered and whole within yourself.


Tiger’s Eye


tigers eye crystal


Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone to help you move past blocks and self-limiting beliefs that have held you back from being able to really feel grateful for your life.


Bringing in courage and power, the strength and stamina of a tiger, this very masculine energy stone will rev up your confidence and inner strength to help you go after what you want for your life.


If you’re facing a hard decision, are stuck in procrastination, or just need to add some oomph to your life, you can work with tiger’s eye to help you take action on what you want to create and manifest your goals.


A natural state of gratitude comes when you blow past your fears and blocks to claim the beautiful life you deserve, and that’s exactly what tiger’s eye energy can help you with.




citrine healing crystal


The opposite of a state of gratitude is a state of lack and fear. This can mean feeling depressed, anxious, unworthy, imbalanced, angry, jealous, or anything that detracts from the natural light that you are.


When you’re in any of these lower states of being, citrine is like a bright light that shines into your inner shadows and shows you the way out. 


A stone that radiates with joy, optimism, and abundance, citrine aligns you with a thankful heart and a hopeful spirit as it helps you find something to be happy and positive about around every corner.


When your inner critic is strong it can point out all the things in life that you might not feel so grateful about, causing you to feel lower and sadder by the day. But citrine is a powerful crystal that can come in and lift your consciousness into a higher awareness of all the beauty and light to be found in every situation or struggle. 


Wear, carry or keep it nearby, make an elixir with it that you can drink up, or even bathe with your citrine to stay in its vibrant and energetic resonance all day long.



These are just a few of the gorgeous and powerful crystals that can help you release stress, worry, and fear and amplify your state of gratitude so you can see all there truly is to be thankful for in life. 


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