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Benefits of Lepidolite: The Best Crystal for Anxiety

Benefits of Lepidolite: The Best Crystal for Anxiety
Benefits of Lepidolite: The Best Crystal for Anxiety
Lepidolite is nature’s little pick-me-up crystal. Exotic hues of purple, pink, and white can be discovered as you explore this wondrous gem. But its real magic lies in its ability to soothe and redirect anxious thoughts, feelings and mood swings. Of the many benefits of Lepidolite to behold, its remarkable anti-anxiety capabilities set it apart from other crystals.
This energetically potent healing crystal will be your spiritual lifeline when you need it most.
lepidolite crystal
The Power of Lepidolite
Lepidolite goes by a handful of names, including the “grandmother stone” and “serenity stone” due to its comforting nature. Lepidolite will gently nudge you to cope with your emotions, much like a nurturing, wise grandmother does. She wants you to learn your lessons but will always hold your hand as you traverse rocky roads.
This gentle gem is full of feminine energy that can reconnect you with your internal Yin. It restores feelings of gratitude, creativity, intuition, and self-care. Lepidolite comes in a few different shades but is primarily purple. Purple symbolizes spiritual growth, inspiration, compassion, and healing. The color’s frequency is mild and not overstimulating. But the longer you work with Lepidolite, intense feelings of euphoria can be achieved. This crystal works with the Third eye and Crown Chakra 
Lepidolite will activate the Vagus nerve creating a calming effect that relieves physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. This same feeling can deepen your meditative experiences, heal your divine feminine, and prevent burnout. Though anyone can (and should) work with and experience the benefits of Lepidolite, this crystal is perfect for Virgos, Libras, and Geminis. These zodiac signs are prone to overthinking and possess anxious tendencies.
Restores Balance After Major Change
Stress and anxiety occur most during times of change and transition. The mind and body sense danger when anything occurs that is out of the norm. Even if it’s planned--A new job, a new partner, even a fresh haircut could send your brain into a protective mode in an attempt to save you from perceived danger.
Lepidolite is your ally in times of change. It soothes the nervous system, strengthens your immunity, and allows you to face growth with power and confidence. It’s believed that Lepidolite connects you to your higher self. So that no matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re going through, you can remain in sync with your internal compass.
Improves Sleep
Containing an unusually high amount of lithium, Lepidolite can physically and emotionally improve your wellbeing. Its soothing effects come on fast and manifest in many ways. The most important of which is enhancing the quality of your sleep.
Slip this little gem under your pillow and experience your sleep improve over time. It is believed to prevent overthinking at night and eliminate nightmares. By quieting the mind and absorbing your worries, Lepidolite can lull you into a deep slumber.
Heals the Crown Chakra
Anxiety, cynicism, close-mindedness, lack of inspiration, apathy, destructive thoughts, and overthinking are symptoms of a blocked crown Chakra. Lepidolite works directly with the seventh chakra allowing it to expand and heal. 
The crown chakra is associated with the color purple, the crown of the head, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland. It is the body’s energy source responsible for spiritual growth, enlightenment, and mental clarity.
lepidolite healing benefits
Lepidolite is grounding, offers reassurance, self-awareness, and inspires mindfulness. The benefits of Lepidolite are energetically feminine by nature and thus restores inspiration and encourages your ability to find purpose within your day-to-day activities. This versatile crystal can also aid in healing the third eye, and throat chakra guiding you to know your truth and communicate it clearly.
How to Use Lepidolite
It doesn’t take much to experience the benefits of Lepidolite. This pocket therapist can be carried with you wherever you go. To activate the crystal, spend time meditating with it to sync with its harmonizing frequency. To connect with your crystal, use the following affirmations for Lepidolite:
There is no need to worry, I am guided and protected
Creating is as natural and easy as breathing
My mind and body are at ease
I can follow my breath back to peace and mindfulness
I am divinely cared for and worthy of rest
With every exhale, stress and anxiety leave my body
Go even deeper and experience the full scope of Lepidolite benefits by journaling with the crystal. Having the crystal nearby, focus on its details and begin to write down thoughts and emotions that surface. The crystal is pulling them out of you and encouraging you to address them. The following Lepidolite journaling prompts can help you get started.
lepidolite crystal properties
“I have resisted letting go off…..but now I freely release it because I….”
“I tired of trying to control….”
“Who do I need to forgive?”
“What pain am I holding on to?”
“I am my most creative when I am….”
“I am most myself when I am….”
“I am eternally grateful for….”
Don’t be surprised if working with Lepidolite stirs dormant emotions. It means you are ready to heal and experience life without anxiety or fear.
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