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Best Protection Crystals for the Home

Crystals are an excellent ally when it comes to keeping your living space clear and energetically protected. This article will share some of the best gemstones to keep in your home for protection and how to work with them. 

Moonstone: Meaning + Healing Properties

Moonstone is a magical crystal for self-reflection and healing to help you dive into your inner depths, release emotional overwhelm, and find balance through all the ebbs and flows of life. A variety of feldspar, moonstone’s signature sheen flashes with iridescence as it hits the light, helping you discover new angles to yourself, and bringing flashes of insight.

Charoite: Meaning & Healing Properties

Charoite is a magical and rare violet-colored stone with a swirling luster that shimmers in the light. It brings transformation and insight, helping you see through the haze of worry and busy thoughts, aligning your mind with your highest purpose. 

6 Best Crystals for Sleep

Crystals help us in all sorts of situations, so naturally, they can also improve your chances of having a restful night’s sleep. Here are the best crystals for sleep for deeper, high-quality rest.

Blue Calcite Crystal Meanings and Uses

Healing Blue Calcite Crystal is associated with the throat chakra. However, this crystal’s energy also resonates with the third eye chakra. Blue Calcite can open you to spiritual ascension, psychic abilities, creativity, acceptance, and deep spiritual healing.

Howlite Crystal: Meaning, Properties, and Uses

The Howlite crystal is a spiritual warrior that lends wisdom in many areas of life. From your path to enlightenment, balancing chakras, or even just making it through a rough day, this crystal ally has a special way of eliminating noise and helping you focus on what’s most important.

Stressful Times? Here Are Our 6 Favorite Crystals to Help with Anxiety.

In times like these, it seems like the "normal" thing to do is go into fight or flight mode. But here's a little secret: You don't have to! Sure, it may seem like the world is falling apart, but try to focus on your world, and your world only. At least for a bit!

Want more love and clarity? Amazonite is your crystal.

People use Amazonite for various reasons. But one of the best reasons why carry this crystal is to boost self-confidence, draw out negative emotions like anger or sorrow, or simply to uplift your energy. You can also find its aid when you're struggling to communicate your truth, as it removes blockages and brings clarity.

How To Protect Yourself From “Holiday Burnout”

Protecting your energy doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. But it’s important to try different methods until you find the right one for you. No one wants to end up tired, overwhelmed, or burnt after the holidays. So make sure to use these quick tips to enjoy the holidays,