Best Crystals for the Leo Zodiac Sign

Best Crystals for the Leo Zodiac Sign

Best Crystals for the Leo Zodiac Sign 


Each zodiac sign will tend to resonate with certain crystals based on the gemstone’s energetic frequency and the healing properties that they have. As we are currently in Leo season from July 22nd through August 22nd it is a perfect time to ally with Leo resonant gemstones. With that, here are the best crystals for this sign: tiger’s eye, quartz, citrine, rose quartz, onyx, sunstone, and jasper. 


About Leo Archetype 


The Leo zodiac sign is known for being creative, bold, and generous. Associated with the heart, the Leo soul tends to be someone who is not afraid to speak their mind or express themselves as individuals. Here are some keywords to keep in mind for the Leo archetype:

  • Giving
  • Heart-centered 
  • Dynamic 
  • Tenacious 
  • Decisive 
  • Warm
  • Creative 
  • Passionate 
  • Expressive
  • Enthusiastic 

Leo and the Fire Element

Knowing a sign's element (water, earth, air, or fire) can help illuminate the qualities of that zodiac sign. Leo is associated with fire, demonstrating the sparkly and daring characteristics often associated with those born during Leo. 


In addition, Leo is also ruled by the Sun, further expanding on this zodiac’s star power. You can often find Leo in positions of leadership, as performance artists, or those who are living bold and daring lives on their terms. 


The gemstones associated with Leo are therefore ones that support their fiery constitutions and ones that help focus intense, passionate, and creative energy. In addition, some of the gemstones on this list help support your Leo energy to be soothed and tempered in order to bring balance and harmony to the self. 


The Seven Best Crystals for Leo


Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye crystal

Metaphysical Properties: Balancing, creativity, finding equilibrium, removing creative blocks


Tiger’s eye helps bring an overall balancing vibration to the Leo temperament. It helps you find your center and stay grounded even when tempers are running hot or situations seem intense. This gemstone helps ground passion, allowing it to be directed and focused in the way that you want it to go. 


This gemstone is excellent for creative people as it enhances one's ability to channel and work within these innovative, productive, or visionary states of mind with more ease. It allows you to find your equilibrium within a flurry of activity while supporting you in getting the things you want to get done accomplished without burning out. 


Keep a piece of the tiger's eye around workspaces, studios, or with you to complement your approach to projects, performance, and other endeavors. 



clear quartz crystal

Metaphysical Properties: Amplifying, focus, clearing, aura cleansing, divine connection


Clear quartz crystal is a potent gemstone to have as an ally. It has a lot of healing properties and spiritual uses. This gemstone is excellent for Leo, to support their focus and spiritual growth journeys. 


It can help with cleansing the energy field around the body, which can be helpful to the Leo archetype, which sometimes gets into cycles where they feel stuck or stagnant. Quartz can help declutter excess energy and help revitalize the spirit. It can be a great tool for focusing and directing your energy toward your goals. 


In addition, it supports the opening of the Crown Chakra, helping bring you closer in touch with the divine. Hold a piece of quartz when meditating or keep it around your spiritual or altar space. 



citrine crystal meaning

Metaphysical Properties: Willpower, clarity, creativity, self-expression, confidence, empowerment


As a sign known for their confidence, Leo exudes the energy of the spirited citrine. This stone is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of willpower, determination, and tenacity. Working with this crystal can help you to find your personal power and help you express your natural gifts, talents, and abilities. 

It helps you overcome imposter syndrome, which is a feeling that your success is not deserved and that you don’t legitimately deserve the praise or accolades for your accomplishments. Citrine can help you break through limiting beliefs about what you can do and what you can achieve. 

This gemstone is associated with fearless self-expression, creativity, and purpose. Partnering with this stone can help you share your unique self with the world around you. 

Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystal

Metaphysical Properties: Love, emotions, balance, harmony, healing, de-stressing


Rose quartz is a gentle stone bringing some tempered energy to the fiery Leo personality. During Leo season, stress levels can run hot, Leo is known for tending toward being tenser and the physical ailments that might come with that. Rose quartz helps to bring gentle soothing energies to these potential concerns. The pale pink frequency of this crystal is known to calm nerves, release pressure, and bring an overall sense of balance and harmony to the emotional and mental body. 


This crystal can be placed around a workspace that tends to be high stress or held during moments that trend towards high stakes and tension. Meditating while holding onto a piece of rose quartz or sleeping with a piece by your bed are also good options to work with this stone. It increases feelings of love, well-being, and sweetness that can help reduce anxiety or fear. 


In addition, Leo is often associated with being a romantic. The rose quartz resonates perfectly with this energy helping increase feelings of love, self-love, acceptance, and emotional healing around relationships. 




onyx crystal meaning


Metaphysical Properties: Willpower, discipline, focusing, attention 


Onyx is an excellent gemstone for Leo's energy as it helps amplify this sign's endurance and determination. This crystal helps you get through tough projects or tedious tasks by increasing discipline and focus. 


Keep a piece of onyx around if you are wanting to see something through the finish line but are having trouble getting yourself there. This crystal can help distribute your energy for the long haul. 


Onyx also helps you get in touch with your sense of willpower on a spiritual level. It can support you in aligning to your purpose, direction, and focus in life. It helps you stay consistent in spiritual practices that lead to self-growth and development. 



sunstone crystal meaning

Metaphysical Properties: Expansion, personal power, leadership, abundance, generosity 


Sunstone is a gemmy orange crystal that embodies solar and activating energy. This crystal is perfect for Leo, ruled by the Sun, as it supports leadership qualities and confidence–traits Leo is known to embody. 

Sunstone helps expand your perspective and allows you to take in the bigger picture. It brings in generous energy, abundance, and a vitalizing effect on the mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Working with sunstone can help you embrace your personal power and allow you more energy for achieving your goals or aspirations in life. 

It is an excellent ally for those desiring more warmth in their lives, something that Leo characteristically likes to bestow on others. The benevolent sunstone can support your spiritual growth process as well, helping you find your inner joy, purpose, and calling. 


bloodstone jasper crystal

Metaphysical Properties: Vitality, physical wellness, staying grounded, stability, embodiment, endurance 


Jasper is an earthy gemstone that is perfect for the steady Leo. This crystal supports one feeling rooted in their body and grounded in the everyday. Leo is in the fixed sign modality which includes Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. The fixed signs are known for being tenacious, decisive, and resolute. Jasper helps support these qualities when you are feeling far away from your goals, material needs, and physical health or wellness. 


Jasper can bring you back to yourself and remind you of your needs. It is a stone of physical self-care and material abundance. This gemstone enhances endurance making it so you can get through challenges. It provides a boost to your vitality and a stable foundation from which to work from. Carry this stone in your pocket when feeling heady or far away from who you truly are. 


The Takeaway

Leo is a spirited zodiac sign that brings a lot of wit, intelligence, and creativity into the world. They are expressive and driven, making them a dynamic sign to be around! The gemstones on this list support the often passionate journeys that Leo takes through life. They help remove creative blocks, open the way for spiritual development, and enhance tenacity, determination, and focus. Consider allying with some of these gemstones during Leo season 2022! 


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