Crystals for Expressing Yourself through the Sacral Chakra

Crystals for Expressing Yourself through the Sacral Chakra

Crystals for Expressing Yourself through the Sacral Chakra 

Crystals are an amazing healing tool for activating, balancing, and working with the chakras. In this article, we will be reviewing the Sacral chakra and how working with crystals associated with this energy center can support emotional balance, increased self-esteem, and a harmonious expression of your passion, sexuality, and creativity. 
Keywords for the Sacral chakra: 
  • Self-esteem
  • Joy
  • Sexual expression
  • Pleasure
  • Emotions
  • Desire
  • Passion
  • Creativity 
The Meaning of the Sacral Chakra 
The Sacral chakra is associated with the color orange, vibrant, and full of life, this chakra helps you channel your desires and express yourself emotionally. Crystals that are orange are especially helpful for directing the powerful vibrations of this chakra. 
When this chakra is spinning brightly and balanced you are more likely to feel that you can naturally express yourself, explore and seek out your desires, and share your emotions with ease. 
If it is running sluggishly, you may experience blocks in feeling confident and staying rooted in your truth. When unbalanced, this chakra can also alert you to any unmetabolized emotions, anger, or other processing.  
Overall, the Sacral chakra represents how you experience pleasure, joy, movement, and intimacy. When you feel aligned in your expression, you are more easily able to tap into experiences that bring you increased fulfillment and emotional wellness. 
7 Best Crystals for the Sacral Chakra 
Below we will explore seven of the best crystals for clearing, balancing, and directing the energies of the Sacral chakra. 


citrine crystal
Supports: Sparking creativity and cleansing for the emotional body
The clear and focused yellows of citrine are an excellent tool for connecting with your creative potency. Citrine brings in clear visions of your desires and helps you direct them in a way that feels harmonious and aligned with your personal truth. This stone stirs the emotional body to cleanse stagnant or stuck energies, so you can birth your creative force into the world. 
This stone can also help you draw things into your life that you want by shifting your mindset. Put a piece of citrine on your desk at work or in your home to help spark ideas and bring things into manifestation. Meditate with citrine or use it in a crystal grid to represent the Sacral chakra opening and flowing into all areas of life, charging up your projects, work, artistic abilities, and more. 


aragonite crystal meaning
Supports: Releasing deep-seated fears, anxieties, memories, and tension
Aragonite is a powerhouse of a stone that can be allied with for a variety of reasons. When dealing with Sacral chakra healing, this stone is particularly supportive for clearing wounds and addressing issues from the past. It can hold and help clear energies that are deeply rooted in one’s psyche. 
The glassy burnt orange hues of aragonite make it a great stone for the Sacral chakra, as it relates to working through challenges, blocks, and traumas. The multifaceted starburst shape of this stone demonstrates its ability to hold onto many different energies at once. Aragonite can assist in carrying burdens and support you in releasing or processing them when the timing is right.  

Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye
Supports: Emotional rootedness, safety, and security 
Tiger’s eye is an opaque stone with a goldish brown striped pattern. It contains an earthy and fiery vibration that allows for a stabilizing effect when one is experiencing intense emotions such as fear. 
It can also carry a protective essence that is very supportive in feeling comfortable when opening up to others. Tiger’s eye is a very supportive ally if you have a tendency to build up impenetrable emotional walls that keep you from experiencing emotional and sexual intimacy. It can enhance a sense of comfort and safety in fully expressing yourself creatively and sexually with yourself or others. 
This crystal can help balance the need for survival with the need to connect through vulnerability. Holding a tiger’s eye palm stone during difficult conversations or when needing to assert healthy boundaries can help keep you grounded, calm, and self-assured. 


Supports: Confidence in expressing sexuality and creativity 
Carnelian is a gemstone that exudes warmth and gentle strength. If you are feeling stalled or stuck in your self-expression, then carnelian can be a stone that invites courage and confidence into relationships with yourself and others. 
A carnelian crystal can help you engage with your drive, take action, and put yourself out there with a sense of self-assuredness. It can help you gain a sense of clarity around your desires and how to best approach experiencing them.
In addition, carnelian can ignite your creativity. If you are feeling blocked, then having a carnelian crystal in your creative space can help move the energy around. This stone opens the way for the fires of inspiration to flow through you in a way that feels authentic to who you really are. 

Orange Calcite 

orange calcite
Supports: Balancing moods and emotions 
Orange calcite has a milky hue to it that demonstrates its emotional balancing properties. It is a great choice in crystal if you feel overwhelmed with intensity or seriousness. If you are feeling temperamental, it can invite a change in perspective through play and humor. 
This stone is also helpful for enhancing your vitality. It can give a boost in energy for accomplishing projects and tasks. Orange calcite can help you adapt to situations with tact and grace. It harmonizes itself to your energy signature and therefore it is great for helping you discover what your unique needs are for a variety of situations. 
It is also very supportive of helping you express your sexuality in a way that feels genuine. Orange calcite has been known to help one work through shame, guilt, and discomfort around their sexuality. 

Clear Quartz 

Supports: Directing creative and healing energy 
Clear quartz is another great stone to partner with for the Sacral chakra. It is best used in this case when you have an immense amount of expression, emotions, or passion to share, but you want to do it in a way that is focused and specific. The pointed shape of clear quartz, along with its clarifying essence, makes it excellent for sending energy with a particular intention. 
Wearing a clear quartz pendant can help you store up and hone in your energy. When you are ready to direct your passion in a certain direction, you can do it with certainty. 
Clear quartz is also excellent for energy healing of the Sacral chakra. It can ‘stir’ the energy here in a new direction by waving a clear quartz point over this chakra in a spiral shape. This helps redirect the energy and enhances the conscious and transparent expression of yourself. 


Supports: Expressing passion, leadership, and vitality, getting past self-doubt 
Sunstone comes is a deep warm orange crystal that can empower and awaken passion. It symbolizes the magnificent powers of the Sun and the ability to radiate with your truth. This gemstone increases vitality and can help keep you focused on your goals and desired outcomes. 
When working with sunstone, you may feel less plagued by feelings of self-doubt. It helps you embrace your unique gifts and skills, while you assert yourself on your life’s path. 
Sunstone helps you become conscious of your authentic self and to know how you can best manifest that through your life. It can help people who are wanting to embrace their creativity with more purpose and precision. Hold onto a piece of sunstone or keep some in your pocket in order to have spiritual, creative, and other personal breakthroughs.
Final Thoughts 
The Sacral chakra is the center responsible for the expression of personal power and passion. This chakra helps you embrace your radiance, experience positivity, and explore pleasure. Balancing the Sacral chakra can bring you into a harmonious relationship with the full range of your emotional experience. Aligning yourself with the crystals explored in this article can support you wherever you are on your healing journey of the Sacral chakra. 
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