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Moss Agate: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Associated with the energy of nature itself, moss agate brings a grounded frequency of slow, steady growth that’s always working in harmony with all the other elements to thrive and prosper. Its energy feels patient, calm, and present, bringing you back into your body, into your center, into your heart.

Crystals for Friendship

Crystals for friendships are unique and special gifts for events or serve as meaningful tokens for the lucky few who resonate with you on many levels. Use crystals for friendship to help strengthen, heal, uplift, and celebrate those you care about most.

Garnet Crystal Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

Garnet is a high-vibrational, deep red crystal that exudes warm, nurturing energy.  There are a variety of Garnets that may look different, but all are threaded with potent spiritual power. Garnet isn’t just another crystal. Anticipate a stirring of long-repressed emotions and sensations.

Seven Chakra Healing Stones

Align, open, and activate your vital energy sources with healing crystals. Balance your physical body, feel grounded and align your chakra system.

Healing crystals continue to make their way into our homes, decorating them with energized beauty. They are becoming the most magical addition to our jewelry collections for a pop of powerful color. And if you’re reading this, you may have experienced tremendous emotional and spiritual healing with the help of crystals and healing stones. 

Agate Crystal Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

For hundreds of years, Agate was revered as a stone of protection that would ward off evil and enemies. They were believed to heal venomous bites, calm dangerous weather, and be worn during battle to ensure victory.

Fluorite: Meaning & Uses for All Colors

Fluorite is a powerful clearing crystal that can sweep your negative and heavy emotions away like a fresh breeze. It has a very high vibration that connects with your upper chakras and helps lift your consciousness to align with the clarity of universal wisdom.

What to gift a mom that has it all? Crystals of course!

So what can you gift her that's different and thoughtful? Crystals of course! If you were to give her a crystal, you’d be giving her something more unique, something more magical and mystical. But why do we say this? Keep reading, we’re going to explore why crystals should be your gift of choice for the mom who has it all.

Crystals and Zodiac Signs. Which One is Best for You?

When you think of crystals and astrology, you probably think of images of mystical, transparent stones that possess mystical powers. But what you may not know is that there is an entire world of science behind crystals and their myriad uses in daily life. Astrology and crystals are connected, and after reading this article, you’ll get a sense why. 

Boost Your Home's Energy Using Feng Shui & Crystals

Feng Shui is the oriental art of placement. Developed over 6,000 years ago in China, Feng Shui's sole mission is to arrange and harmonize your home for good chi or energy to flow freely. 

Now more than ever our home should feel like a refuge where we recharge our energy and get ready to face all the difficulties of the outside world.  

You can create just the right atmosphere using Feng Shui and Crystals with a little time and effort. Here are some tips on how to implement these magical principles into your life: