Green Aventurine: Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

Green Aventurine: Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

Green Aventurine: Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

The Meaning of Green Aventurine


green aventurine crystal


The stone of opportunity, green aventurine has open-hearted, optimistic energy to propel you forward towards all your heart’s desires.

Associated with the element of air, this vibrant green crystal brings fresh ideas and perspective and can help you embrace change as you’re moving through it.

Whenever you feel stuck, heavy, sad, angry, or down on yourself, green aventurine’s energy can sweep in through your aura and chakras, clearing out any stagnancy and blocks, and opening up pathways for new love, opportunities, and adventures to come your way.

Aligned with growth, bounty and a glass-half-full perspective, green aventurine brings fresh starts and new ideas, and is the perfect stone to support you in creative projects and keep the inspiration flowing. 

This beautiful green crystal full of vitality and renewal brings you courage and confidence to go after your dreams, calming your emotional body and helping you take inspired action despite any doubts or fears lingering in your mind.

Let’s get into all the wonderful ways you can use green aventurine to bring healing and abundance into your life!

Green Aventurine Healing Properties


green aventurine crystal


Emotional & Mental Healing

Green aventurine has an uplifting and encouraging energy that helps you recognize the talents and gifts you bring to the world, and release the limiting beliefs that have been standing in the way of you sharing yourself confidently.

It brings optimism and hope, with a fresh perspective that can help you find a path around the obstacles and struggles, creatively inspiring you to always find a way forward. This energy is also helpful for studying and staying focused on the task at hand.

Green aventurine is a wonderful soother of overwhelming or tumultuous emotions, helping you feel grounded and centered in your heart space so you can make decisions that align with love. 

It’s a heart-opening stone that not only benefits relationships but helps you to fall in love with your life! It wants you to relish in all the joy and abundance that’s here already, to release the emotional baggage and old stories that are weighing you down, and open up to all the light and possibilities that await you once you decide you deserve them.

Green aventurine helps you see and claim all that you deserve in your life, boosting your self-worth and radiant inner shine, so that you can create a beautiful life that supports yourself and those you love, and aligns with the dreams of your heart.

Physical Healing


green aventurine crystal


A stone for the heart chakra, the fourth chakra, green aventurine is a great support for the circulatory system and is said to aid those with cardiac conditions. Its life-affirming energy stimulates the movement of good chi throughout the body, boosting recovery from illness or injury and promoting overall wellbeing. 

Also a nervous system soother, you can use green aventurine to ease stress and tension, settle nervous butterflies in your belly, calm a racing mind and help you catch your breath. It can settle hyperactivity and anxiety, and stimulates physical growth and vitality on every level.

This fertile stone also offers a lot of support for women’s fertility when seeking pregnancy, and is also said to ease childbirth. In the same way, it provides fertile energy to gardens and plants to help them grow and thrive when placed on the soil near a plant or in a grid around the garden.

Spiritual healing


green aventurine crystal


A great manifestation tool, green aventurine helps all the seeds of your ideas sprout into physical reality. It’s a stone of fruition, to help you put your money where your mouth is, take action and walk forward towards all your dreams in life.

This makes it a powerful stone of luck, opening your heart center and attracting opportunities to help you create a life full of joy, adventure, and fulfillment.

Green aventurine helps you see opportunities and know when to seize them. It wants you to get the most out of your life and to delight in all the pleasures that light your heart up! 

It’s a great crystal to help you ease through changes in your life, inspiring you to stay positive and focused on all the awesome possibilities that await. This little green gem helps you move past old patterns and blocks to grow into the full richness of your potential.

Whenever you’re ready to move out of your comfort zone, take a risk, or make a big change in your life, green aventurine will help give you the boost of confidence, clarity, and good timing to seize the right moments and make the moves towards the life you truly want for yourself.

Using Green Aventurine in your Life


green aventurine crystal


Wearing or carrying green aventurine

The best place to wear green aventurine is near the heart, as a necklace, kept in a chest pocket, or tucked into a bra. You can also simply hold a small tumbled or palm stone up to your heart and breathe for a few moments, letting the abundant, positive energy spread throughout your aura.

It’s also a nice stone to wear as a bracelet throughout the day as you work, create, relate and go about your life, to help you stay focused, positive, and aligned with a mindset of growth and abundance.

Carry one in your wallet or purse to attract luck and wealth your way, and if you’re the gambling type, don’t make a bet without one.



green aventurine crystal


A great stone to relieve stress and tension, even when it's manifesting through the skin as a rash or acne, green aventurine adds harmonizing energy to your self-care routine.

You can use a gua sha made from green aventurine to do a self-facial, to increase lymphatic drainage and stimulate your skin cells for regeneration and growth.

Or try laying down with a double-terminated aventurine crystal lying on your heart, pointed towards your head and feet, and it will radiate its beautiful life-affirming energy out from your heart into your entire aura.

Creative Projects

Keep green aventurine at your desk or workspace, hold it while you brainstorm, and pull it out if you ever feel stuck in rut or at a loss for good ideas.

It will bring loads of good energy and opportunities your way, sparking new ideas and ways of thinking, helping you with any creative project whether it's for work, around the house, or a big dream you’re ready to build for yourself!


In conclusion, the Green Aventurine crystal is a powerful tool for promoting emotional stability and opening the heart. As a chakra stone, it works to balance the heart chakra, leading to an increased sense of calm and well-being. Like other green stones such as Green Jade and Green Quartz, it is associated with the heart chakra and helps to promote unconditional love and healing. For those looking for a powerful heart chakra crystal, Green Aventurine is an excellent choice, alongside Rose Quartz and other heart chakra crystals.



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