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Selenite to Light Up Your Life

Selenite to Light Up Your Life

Selenite to Light Up Your Life




One of the most essential crystals to have in your collection, selenite is a stone of light that is powerfully cleansing and purifying.


It’s a go-to healing crystal to bring balance, clarity, and calm no matter what ails you, lifting moods and vibrations with its powerful, enlightening energy.


Selenite connects you to the higher planes of awareness and awakens your spiritual senses, helping you find upliftment and support from your guides, angels, and higher self whenever you need it.


Selenite crystal meaning



selenite crystal


Selenite is named for the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, and offers a supremely peaceful, calming energy. Like the moon itself, it feels very feminine and nurturing, cool and refreshing, enlightening and spiritually powerful.


Selenite is a crystal that brightens dull and dreary days, helping release negativity and pessimism, increasing feelings of well-being and harmony.


One of the best stones to have for clearing dense and dark energy from your aura, or your physical space, selenite can bring purifying white light into all the dark corners of your room and your psyche. 


Selenite is a very high-vibratory crystal to elevate your mind and mood, help you gain perspective above the sea of emotions, and clear out any unwanted energies interfering with you embodying all the light you are!


Selenite healing properties



selenite crystal


Emotional & Mental Healing

An excellent aid for anxiety, depression, and emotional or mental overwhelm, selenite brings in the energy of calm, acceptance, and peace. It can lift you above the weight of heavy emotions and cyclical thoughts to help you see what needs to be cleared, and connect you back to the light that’s already around you and within you.


Selenite’s frequency brings upliftment, reflection, and relief. Place it on your anxious belly, your cluttered head, or your aching heart to feel its energy breaking through the clouds and shining its radiant light.


Selenite heightens your intuition and perspective, helping you feel comforted and supported from within as you move through trying times. Use it to brighten dark thoughts and shadowy feelings, as you clear out the emotional gunk and let in the clarity and peace of selenite’s healing light.


Physical Healing



selenite crystal


Selenite has wonderful cleansing effects on the physical body as well. Its high-frequency energy clears blockages and stagnancy in your meridians, bringing in good chi and blood flow throughout all your body’s systems. 


It can clear out pain and inflammation and release toxins from the body, and at the same time, clears out the underlying emotional cause of physical ailments. This makes it a powerful healer to have in your energetic medicine chest, for anytime you’re feeling low, exhausted, or under the weather.


Selenite is a wonderful companion for illness or injury, to keep near you or sleep with it by your side and soak up its healing energies. It encourages healing and harmony, calming the nerves and stress that come along with pain and suffering. 


Energetic Healing

A whole-body energy healer, selenite can clear blockages in every chakra and restore peace and light to your whole aura. It’s the perfect crystal to keep by the door so you can sweep it around your aura each time you enter, clearing the energy you’ve picked up from the outside world.


A beautiful chakra healer, you can lay with selenite on your body, or place it over every chakra from your root to your crown, dispelling stagnant, dark, and heavy energies, and bringing in healing light. It helps you feel more clear, balanced, and centered within yourself.


Selenite’s high vibration also opens your crown chakra to connect you with your higher awareness and your support system in the spirit world. Suppose you want to open more to receiving messages, guidance, and wisdom from your guides, angels, and higher self. In that case, selenite is a great tool to help you relax and raise your vibration so you can get clearer information from your intuition.


One of the best healing benefits of selenite comes from its awesome power to cut through dense and dark energies like a sword of light. It’s incredibly helpful for clearing energetic cords that are draining you, for removing negative energies or entities from your field, and shielding you with a protective, radiant robe of light. 


Do you need some magical selenite?

Selenite is one crystal that we honestly feel everyone on planet Earth should have in their collection, as it supports whole-body health and healing. 


Its cleansing and purifying energy are so potent and powerful, that selenite is actually one of the best things to use to cleanse all the other crystals in your collection! 


You can place any crystal on selenite to cleanse it of the energy it has absorbed and charge it back up with beautiful healing light.


You can keep your crystals in a selenite bowl, on top of a charging plate, or even just near a gorgeous hunk of selenite, and they will stay cleansed, charged up, and ready to be used for healing whenever you need them.


We have some gorgeous selenite options in the shop, including some extraordinarily pure and rare specimens from the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico. Come see if there’s one that speaks to you!



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