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Tiger’s Eye for Confidence & Success

Tiger’s Eye for Confidence & Success

Tiger’s Eye for Confidence & Success

Tigers eye crystal


Tiger’s eye is one of the best crystals to reach for when you want more stamina, willpower, or groundedness. It’s a stone of luck, abundance and power, giving you Eye of the Tiger vibes and the courageous heart of a tiger, too. 


A lower chakra healer, tiger’s eye is a combination of sun and earth energies. It activates your solar plexus confidence, ignites your sacral chakra passion and grounds it all down through your root chakra. It offers a sense of calm, stability and strength to help you accomplish anything you want in life. 


Tiger’s eye has a gorgeous reflective sheen that glimmers in the light, and is said to mimic the glean of a cat’s eye. This is part of the stone’s special ability to reflect and deflect energy.

Healing properties of Tiger's eye crystal. 

Tigers eye crystal


When you feel confused, foggy or stuck, when you’re overwhelmed, exhausted or depressed, tiger’s eye is a great emotional healer to lift you out of the dumps and help you find mental clarity. It empowers your confidence and natural radiance, allowing you to shine! 


Let’s take a look at how tiger’s eye can help you in your own life, and some easy ways to use it.


As a protective stone

Tigers eye bracelet

Tiger’s eye works like a shield to deflect unwanted energies away from you. It’s great to wear or carry in any situation where you’re feeling vulnerable, worried or fearful, to help you release the fear and deflect any negative energy coming at you from outside sources.


Tiger’s eye carries a beautiful golden ray of energy that is uplifting and protective. You can use it to surround yourself in this high vibration golden light, imagine it around your entire aura like a protective bubble. This will help allow the higher vibration energies into your field while keeping the low vibes out.


To use for protection:

  • Wear or hold a tiger’s eye stone over your solar plexus and envision a golden light emanating out from it. See this light moving into your solar plexus, and filling your entire body. Then envision it moving out of your body and surrounding you in a bubble of golden light. Breathe and know you are protected
  • To protect your space, place four tiger’s eye stones at the 4 main entrances around your space. These can be doors or windows, wherever the most energy comes in and out. Using 4 stones will help create a sense of stability, safety and upliftment within the container they create.


To uplift & energize

tigers eye tumble


Tiger’s eye is one of the best stones to lift you out of a heavy mood or emotional overwhelm, like a burst of light shining through the darkness. It can aid you in moving through grief, sadness, depression and fear, helping you find a positive perspective.


It’s a great stone to conquer self doubt and negative self-talk, as well as criticism and negativity from the outside world. It balances and energizes the solar plexus chakra, empowering your natural confidence and courage, so you can put yourself out there, take action, and make the moves you know you need to make- no more excuses!


To use for upliftment and energy:

  • Wear or carry a tiger’s eye stone with you throughout the day to allow it’s subtle energy to affect your field.
  • Wear as a bracelet or in your pants pocket, to have more affect on your root and sacral chakras. Try a long necklace or keep in a chest pocket to have more affect on your solar plexus chakra.
  • Wear or have it near during exercise or physical activities to boost your energy and stamina.



For success & manifestation

tigers eye meaning


One of the best stones to attract luck, success and abundance into your life, tiger’s eye inspires enthusiasm and drive, to help you go get what you want, and not just sit back and dream about it.


It brings in optimism and self-confidence, and is great to use in strengthening your intentions and getting clarity around your purpose. It’s excellent at enhancing all those divinely masculine qualities, no matter your gender, like stamina, power, direction and logical thinking.


When you want to put the pedal to the medal, are ready to walk your talk, want to get off the bench and into the game and other fun cliches about doin’ the dang thing already, tiger’s eye will be your best crystal friend.

To use for success and manifestation:

  • Take tiger’s eye with you or hold it during a job interview for calm and confidence.
  • Keep a tiger’s eye point or pyramid on your desk or workspace to bring success in work and creative projects.
  • Use one to amp up your manifestation practices, as you journal your desires and dreams, or hold tiger’s eye while you visualize what you want to create in your life.


To embody tiger energy

Tiger’s eye energy is very connected to the spirit animal energy of a tiger, and can help you use that in your life to find courage and conquer your goals!


Tiger spirit energy is connected to strength, tenacity, stealthiness, and a smart and efficient use of energy. When you need more focus, more courage, more self-assurance around your own energetic limits and boundaries, working with a tiger’s eye crystal can amplify all these energies in you.


To use for courage & tiger spirit energy:

  • What do you think of when you think of a tiger? The words and feelings that first come to you are a great place to start understanding what tiger energy can bring to your life. It can also be fun to research tiger spirit animal themes, about how tigers live, or just to look at pictures of them and see what sort of lessons they embody that you can apply to your life.
  • Hold a tiger’s eye stone, or have one nearby, as you envision a beautiful tiger in your mind and observe its qualities. Then journal about or imagine yourself going after different situations in your life embodying this same quiet strength, power and focus, and envision the possibilities.



Tiger’s eye is one of our favorite stones for getting real world stuff done. It’s a must have to help you navigate around all of life’s detours and stay focused on what you want for your life, one step at a time. Check out our tiger’s eye specimens in the shop and see if one speaks to you! Wear this lucky stone  in the day to attract abundance. 


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