7 Best Crystals for Bringing Good Luck

7 Best Crystals for Bringing Good Luck

7 Best Crystals for Bringing Good Luck


Many people feel like they were either born lucky, or they weren’t, that they always win, or they never do. But what if we told you that we were all born lucky? There are just a lot of energetic barriers that get in the way and inhibit our natural ability to magnetize the things we want in life and flow with ease.


Luckily for us all, there are many crystal friends in Mother Earth’s arsenal that can help break up the mental, emotional and energetic barriers in the way of you attracting luck, and embracing your natural ability to have a rockin’ life. Amplify your energy and remove bad luck with these energy tools. 


Here are our picks for the 7 best crystals to bring more luck into your life!




jade crystal


The first stone that comes to mind when you want to bring more luck into your life is jade. In its beautiful green shades, it’s known to attract money, good fortune, and abundance and bring vitality to your body, mind, and heart.


Used as a symbol for wealth and prosperity for centuries by many different cultures, jade is a stone that opens you up to new possibilities you never thought possible.


It has a harmonious mix of heart-opening energy paired with solar-plexus motivation, to enhance your luck in love, work, and every area of your life.


Think of it like a four-leaf clover in crystal form, inspiring your energy with hope for what the future may bring, while also fostering appreciation for everything you have in this moment. 


Tiger’s eye


tiger's eye crystal


A stone of strength, stamina, and physical action, tiger’s eye helps you put your money where your mouth is and act on your desires.


You can’t win the lottery if you don’t even buy a ticket. You can’t get lucky in love if you make no attempts to meet new people. When you need help getting into action, getting into your body, and taking the steps towards the life you want to create, tiger’s eye is the crystal to reach for.


It energizes and strengthens your lower chakras, especially the solar plexus and root chakras, to help you build inner strength, get up after you fall down, and never give up on what you want. 


Use it like armor against the negative forces in your life, including your own mind, as it brings wisdom, confidence, clarity, and protection. 




citrine crystal


One of the best stones to attract positivity, abundance, and good fortune, citrine is a must-have stone to bring luck into everyday life, a master healer crystal. 


Its energy is uplifting and optimistic, helping you see the bright side of things and inspiring a hopeful attitude. This quality alone can help turn your luck around, when you suddenly see the world from a cup half-full perspective, everything changes.


Citrine is a solar plexus stimulator and enhancer, to help you get creative and connect with your innate joy.


It’s thought to be a prosperity stone that attracts money and resources your way, so keep one by your workspace, in your wallet and wear or carry a piece of citrine throughout the day to be surrounded in its golden, sunshine aura. 




carnelian crystal


A sacral chakra opener, carnelian is a great stone to help you get in touch with what you truly desire and want to attract into your life. It inspires confidence, courage, and creativity, with revitalizing, powerful energy that increases drive and motivation.


Often our luck, or ability to attract good things into our lives, is impeded by heavy, scattered, and stagnant emotional energy that we’re carrying, and carnelian can swoop in to help clear all that up. 


It has very stabilizing energy, increasing feelings of self-worth and a can-do spirit. Wear or keep a stone near you as you work on creative projects to enhance passion and dedication towards the task at hand.


It’s also a very sensually activating stone to help you attract more desire, romance and passion into your life and “get lucky” in the bedroom.


Green Aventurine


green aventurine


A beautiful heart-opening stone, green aventurine has an adventurous spirit that wants to help you shine and succeed in life. It has very nurturing energy, bringing blessings, abundance, and a positive mindset that sees all sorts of possibilities.

When you want luck for a journey, adventure, or new phase in your life, use green aventurine to keep you moving forward with eyes focused on all the amazing potential that lies ahead.


Lay with it on your heart or wear it as a necklace to help you clear and open your heart space and reach into all the dreams that lie inside it. 


Aventurine wants you to feel good, fulfilled, and full of joy, and its energy will help direct you towards the people, places, and experiences that will bring exactly that.




pyrite crystal


Also known as “fool's gold”, pyrite is thought to help you attract wealth and prosperity. It’s a very masculine energy stone, to help you get your feet on the ground, into action, and moving towards what you want to cultivate in your life. Helps attract good fortune. 


Pyrite doesn’t let you sit back and wait for the good stuff to come to you, it helps you get out there, make the moves and take the initiative to create what you desire.


A powerful stone for manifestation, hold pyrite as you write out your intentions or dreams for what you want to create in your life. It’s a crystal that brings visions into reality, that pulls good ideas out of the ethers and into the physical world.


Keep it in your workspace to bring tenacity and fortitude to help you keep going after all the goals you want to conquer.




quartz crystal the master healer


Good ol’ clear quartz, one of the most common and beautiful crystals in the world, is also one of the best for bringing luck into your life.


It’s the ultimate amplifying stone, which means you can pair it with any other crystal on this list to amp up its beneficial effects even more.


In the same way, quartz can amplify your intentions and desires. You can even program your quartz with specific goals or intentions, and it will broadcast them like a radio signal to tell the Universe what you want to attract.


Use it to help you clear your mind, clear your aura, and get clear on what you truly want for your life. You can wear or carry a quartz crystal with you throughout the day, take a bath with it, stick one in your drinking water, place one on your altar or keep it by your side as you focus on your vision for the future. 


We carry each of these luck-bringing, good-day-having, dream-manifesting crystals in the shop, so go peek around! Maybe there’s one that’ll be lucky enough to come home with you :)


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