Wearing Crystal Gemstone Bracelets for Everyday Healing

crystal gemstone bracelets

Wearing Crystal Gemstone Bracelets for Everyday Healing

crystal bracelets 

Enhance Your Everyday Life with the Power of Healing Crystal Gemstone Bracelets! Crystals have been used for their healing properties for centuries, and wearing them on your body is a convenient and effective way to benefit from their energy. Gemstone bracelets are a stylish way to incorporate crystals into your daily routine, allowing you to carry their healing effects with you throughout the day.

Discover the Benefits of Wearing Healing Crystal Gemstone Bracelets. Whether you're looking to cleanse your energy, absorb negative energies, or protect yourself from negative influences, gemstone bracelets can help you achieve your goals. By learning about the properties of different crystals and how to cleanse and charge your bracelets, you can tap into the full potential of these powerful healing tools.

Explore Our Collection of Healing Crystal Gemstone Bracelets. From cleansing crystals to stones that promote happiness and well-being, our collection has something for everyone. So, take a look at our favorite picks and discover the magic of wearing healing crystal gemstone bracelets today! 

Let’s learn a little more about how crystal gemstone bracelets can bring more healing into your everyday life, and check out some of our favorite picks from the shop and the magic they carry.


4 Magical Things about Wearing Crystal Gemstone Bracelets

 crystal beads

1: Skin-on-skin

Wearing crystals in bracelet form allows them to be in direct contact with your skin, which can help with the transference of their energy into your field. 


This direct contact with the crystal right on your skin, on your pulse point, hitting different nerves and meridians, immediately helps send the frequency of that crystal’s energy into your own energetic system, allowing them to integrate and find harmony with one another more quickly. 


2: Sphere Power

The shape of the beads are little spheres, and spheres radiate their energy outwardly in all directions. So when you wear a bracelet made up of a bunch of tiny crystal spheres, their energy is radiated throughout your entire body, especially as your hands move and shift throughout the day.


This helps the crystals send a constant supply of their specific frequencies into your chakras and aura throughout the day, helping you feel more stable, supported, and balanced.

 crystal sphere beads

3: Connection

When you wear your crystals on your wrist, you see them throughout the day a lot more. The color or sparkle might make you smile. You might fidget with your bracelet, roll the beads under your fingers as you’re thinking. 


You connect and engage with your crystals more naturally when they’re right on your wrist, connected to your body, and in your vision throughout the day.

And this connection is the real magic in how crystals bring benefit to your life, when you’re resonating on the same frequency as them.


4: Intention

How often do you forget about the crystals you stuck in your pocket or purse or bra, only remembering them when they crash on the ground as you take your clothes off?


And how often do your beauties end up forgotten and dust-covered sitting up on a shelf, with no one giving them attention or energy?


Wearing a crystal gemstone bracelet brings in a more conscious relationship with your crystal’s energy almost instantly.


You’ll pick them out with intention, to match your outfit, or your mood, or to bring in the energy you want to embody that day.


You can mix, match and layer your bracelets up, bringing more intentionality and fun into the mix.


And you have to intentionally remove a bracelet from your wrist at the end of the night.


These tiny intentional steps you take with your crystal bracelets, that you may not do as much with the other crystals in your collection, help stimulate and deepen that essential connection we mentioned earlier that really accelerates the magic changes crystals can create in your life.


What does it mean when your crystal bracelet breaks?

Crystal bead bracelets are often worn for their healing properties, but what does it mean when your crystal bracelet suddenly breaks? Some believe that a broken crystal bracelet signifies a release of negative energy and a need for cleansing. Others see it as a sign of change or transition in their life. It's important to consider both physical and emotional factors when evaluating why a crystal bracelet may have broken.

In terms of physical factors, the hardness of the crystal may have played a role. The Mohs hardness scale measures the strength and durability of a mineral, and some crystals, like quartz, are more durable than others, like calcite. Environmental factors, such as exposure to heat or rough surfaces, can also cause a bracelet to break.

Emotional factors also play a role in the meaning behind a broken crystal bracelet. If you've been feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it may be a sign to take a break and focus on self-care. Alternatively, it could indicate a release of negative energy, making space for new opportunities and growth.


Some Favorite Crystal Bracelets from the Shop: 


shungite bracelet will help keep you grounded and shielded from all the harmful EMFs you encounter during the day.


Our chakra balancing hematite bracelet has a different stone to help balance every chakra, from the root to the crown, paired with the grounding, nurturing, and protective force of hematite for everyday balance and wholeness.


carnelian bracelet will keep you energized, juiced up, and excited for life, ready to take on the day with courage and a creative spirit.


Our rose quartz bracelet is a perennial favorite for its energizing qualities that open your heart and mind to more love, helping you find more acceptance, forgiveness, and grace for yourself and others as you move throughout your day. 


rainbow fluorite bracelet is great for everyday cleansing and clearing, to keep your mind clear, heart open, and spirit feeling alive and free to fly.


Our fancy jasper bracelet is a beautiful choice for everyday grounding and balance, in a range of colorful beads that help stabilize and strengthen every chakra and keep you feeling calm and stress-free throughout the day.


selenite bracelet is a great way to take advantage of this crystal’s incredibly uplifting and purifying qualities, to help keep your auric field clean and clear as you encounter different situations and energies throughout the day.


Our grounded luck bracelet features tiger’s eye for energy, motivation, courage, and strength, obsidian for grounding and protection, and hematite for a nurturing and magnetic quality that calls all the good stuff into your life.


Crystal healing bracelets have become a popular accessory for those seeking the powerful healing benefits of crystals. These bracelets, made of natural crystals such as quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz, are believed to absorb negative energies and promote physical and emotional healing.

When it comes to crystal bead bracelets, it's important to know how to properly cleanse them. This will ensure that they continue to effectively absorb the energy and release any negative energies they may have absorbed. Cleanse your bracelets regularly using simple methods such as smudging with sage, leaving them out in the sun or moonlight, or using saltwater.

Another important aspect of wearing crystal bracelets is what happens when they break. Some believe that a broken crystal bracelet signifies a release of negative energies and is a positive sign. However, it's important to replace the broken crystal as it will no longer be able to provide its intended healing benefits.

In conclusion, wearing a crystal healing bracelet can bring more positive energy into your life, as long as you take care of it and cleanse it regularly. Choose the right crystal for your specific needs and enjoy the peace and balance that it brings. 

You can find all of these bracelets and many more in the jewelry section of the shop! 


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