What Crystals Can Get Wet? A Comprehensive Guide

What Crystals Can Get Wet? A Comprehensive Guide

What Crystals Can Get Wet? A Comprehensive Guide

Crystals lovers usually fall under one of the two schools of thought: All crystals have some water tolerance, or no crystals belong near water. But the truth, in a spiritual fashion, is right in the middle. 


Some crystal energy can even be enhanced and powerfully transmuted with the help of water. For others, water is a surefire way to dim their appearance and erode their mineral structure.


Clear any and all crystal confusion with the help of this comprehensive guide. Learn how to amplify your energy with water-safe crystal combos and how to protect your most sensitive sacred stones.

Ways to Use Water with Crystals

Water is a wonderful energy conduit, especially for the metaphysical healing powers of crystals. So it’s no surprise that we want to submerge our gems into water. Here are a few cathartic and powerful ways to use your water-safe crystals.



Charging your drinking water or bath water with crystals is one of the best ways to for dimensional shifting. AKA making your manifestations happen sooner. Studies show that emotional intentions actually manipulate the structure of water.


Along with placing water-safe crystal into your morning glass of H2O or evening bath are the intentions and written affirmations that help focus and center the manifestations. The energy of your most powerful crystals for manifestation will seep into the water, and you will either consume it or submerge into it.


If you plan to charge your drinking water, be sure to remove the crystals before you start sipping. Do the same with your bath. Submerge yourself, then place your water-safe stones in the tub. And before you slip out, remove the crystals to avoid stepping on any.


Toxic Crystals you do not want to put in your water


Crystal lovers, it’s important to stay safe! So despite the allure of their spiritual benefits and whether or not they are water-safe, avoid soaking the following popular crystals in your drinking water due to potential toxins (sulfur, asbestos, copper, rust, etc.) seeping from the stones. 







Lapis Lazuli




Tiger’s Eye


Popular crystals that are safe to sip from!


Smoky Quartz

Rose Quartz



Black Obsidian

Clear Quartz



Ritual Healing Baths

Do as you would with your bath for manifesting, selecting water-safe crystals meant to align your chakras, cleanse your spirit, and renew your energy.


It is better to take manifestation baths with big, bright energy. So lights on with upbeat music playing, or recite your favorite book passages or affirmations. For a healing ritual bath, think of candles, soft music, and cathartic crystal energy.



Energetically and physically clean water-safe crystals using a soft bristol brush, nylon brush, or clean toothbrush. Submerge your water-safe crystals into the water with a touch of dish soap, gently brush, rinse, and set on a towel to dry.

Crystals that Can Get Wet

The water compatibility of crystals is said to be a mineral with a Mohs hardness score of 6 or above. Mohs Hardness Scale isn’t, however, the only consideration to keep when choosing which crystals are water-safe. Return to this list if you’re unsure before using your favorite crystal.


The following crystals get the green light to go for a swim.


Agate- Balance. Calm. Strength

Obsidian- Protection. Stability. Absorbent

Rose Quartz- Love. Compassion. Connection

Smoky Quartz- Release. Negativity Repellent. De-stress

Jasper- Nurture. Energy Sheild. Confidence

Clear Quartz- Clarity. Energy. Momentum

Amethyst- Emotional Healing. Spiritual Awakening. Cleanings

Aventurine- Prosperity. Strength. Leadership

Citrine - Joy. Optimism. Possibilities

Carnelian - Authenticity. Friendship. Self-Discovery

Crystals that Can Handle Some Water

The following crystals may not do well submerged in a tub or soap water but are safe to take a quick dip for no more than a few minutes.


Jade- Personal Power. Luck. Heart Healing

Tiger’s Eye- Encouragement. Focus. Motivation

Amber- Renewal. Guidance. Open-Mindedness

Moonstone - Intuition. Divine Feminine. Creativity

Popular Crystals that are NOT Water Safe

This is the no-no list. Any moisture that gets near these precious gems will likely result in demineralization, dulling, or breakage. 


A few rules of thumb to consider, beyond being lower than 6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, crystals unsafe with water often contain iron or copper and will rust. And if the names end in “ite,” the crystal usually doesn’t tolerate water well.






Lapis Lazuli



Labradorite, ok if it gets a little wet, just do not soak this stone for long 






Should you still include crystals that are not safe with water as part of your collection? YES! This family of crystals has a lot to do with the spiritual realm and your aura. Do not disregard the healing, expansive essence of these stones simply because they can’t be used in water rituals.


How to Clean Crystals Without Water

Water isn’t necessary to keep crystals clean. They did come from the ground, after all. Dry dusting with a duster or microfiber cloth. To energetically clean any crystal, place them under natural light, take a sound bath, sage, set near a much larger crystal, and visualizations.


Print this article to care for your crystal buddies safely.

Happy healing!


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