Where to put Crystals in your home for good energy - Room Guide

Where to put Crystals in your home for good energy - Room Guide

Where to put Crystals in your home for good energy - Room Guide

Crystals are a vital addition to your home as they help improve your mood and remove negative energy. They also add to the overall look and decor of your home because of their mesmerizing color and shine. Adding these natural, earthy elements to your home can bring in an abundance of grounding, positive energy. 
If you have crystals in your home or you're looking to start buying some, this guide will help you get the best out of your collection. This article highlights some of the most popular crystals, their uses, and the best places to keep them in your home.
Bedroom Crystals
A bedroom is a place of relaxation and unwinding after a long day, so the atmosphere should be relaxing, calm, and serene. To keep your bedroom calm and relaxing, you should have the following crystals;
Amethyst: Amethyst is a protective crystal that has incredible stress and anxiety relief abilities. It's also fantastic for headaches and great for clarity. Placing an Amethyst crystal under your pillow or on your bedside helps insomnia, nightmares, and rejuvenation.

rose quartz


Rose Quartz: A soothing stone that emits vibrations of peace, love, and harmony, this incredible crystal promotes tranquility in the bedroom. It can also improve the intimacy between romantic couples while promoting better sleep quality and dreams.

sodalite crystal healing properties


Sodalite:  If you have to deal with severe insomnia every night, you should consider placing a sodalite stone in your room. This blue color crystal induces a state of deeper, peaceful sleep while controlling nightmares. It can also help with relieving stress and pressure from work and relationships every night. Hence, making every night's sleep peaceful and enjoyable. Connected to the third eye chakra

Workplace/Desk Crystals
Being productive at your job requires focus, better decisions, motivation, and the zeal to keep improving. However, sometimes the will to keep being productive can get lost. This could be a result of several factors including, workload, fatigue, distractions, etc.
Below are a few crystals that can help you be more productive at work;
Pyrite: Pyrite is a valuable crystal for career development because it helps with attracting abundance and success. This stone keeps you optimistic and excited all day at work while protecting you from negative and destructive energy. It also helps with the confidence for taking calculated risks. Many people place Pyrite over their business cards to attract the right clients.


Carnelian: The Carnelian crystal deserves a spot on your desk if you struggle with communicating a lot. Known for enhancing excellent communication skills, you can offer better service to clients and be in the best mood all day. It's also a fantastic crystal for promoting harmony and reducing anger and jealousy. 

tiger's eye

Tiger's Eye: Another excellent crystal that should be on your desk is Tiger's eye, a stone said to be worn by Roman soldiers. This stone is perfect for building the courage to face any work-related challenges like the Romans did at war. It improves focus and helps with finding solutions to complex problems at work. It's also essential for shaking off procrastination and completing tasks efficiently.

entry way
Entry Way (Protective) Crystals
Protecting your space and energy is a vital part of keeping your home safe, and crystals can help you achieve that. Hence, you need to protect the entrance to your home if you want to preserve its energy correctly.
Here are a few crystals that you need to place in your home;
TourmalineBlack Tourmaline is an ideal crystal to place in your entryway, as it helps with a cleaner spiritual environment. It's also a vital crystal that helps with better spiritual alignment and connection to other life forms. For the best protection, you can place black Tourmaline at the main door, window sills, corners of your room, and any different location you want to repel negative energy.


ObsidianObsidian is another effective stone you can use to protect the entrance of your home. It has the fantastic ability to deflect and block negativity and stress from infiltrating your space. It's also vital for blocking geomagnetic stress while providing protective vibrations around your entrance. To get the best out of Obsidian crystals, place them in a bag or flower pot hanging on the front door. You can also put it on a small table or shelf.


Quartz Crystal For Anywhere in The Home
We mentioned rose quartz crystal earlier that can be used in the bedroom; however, clear Quartz crystals are versatile and have incredible benefits. These crystals are energy amplifiers which means they amplify any energy within your home. Hence the reason why protecting the energy in your home is crucial. The amplification ability of clear quartz crystals is why they can be placed anywhere in the home.
However, quartz crystals have more benefits than being an amplifier of energies. Here are a few other ways quartz crystals can be beneficial in any room in your home;
  • Improves concentration and recollection
  • Facilitate deep soul cleansing 
  • Helps with harmonizing chakras and aligning subtle bodies
  • Enhances psychic abilities
  • Aids the balance and rejuvenation of different spiritual, physical, and mental planes.
  • Stimulate and improve the immune system
  • Improves depression and other emotional issues
It is always a good decision to have several clear quartz crystals in your home. You can also place them in different areas like in your car, pocket, or purse to enjoy its healing benefits. Also, be sure to learn the proper way to cleanse, clear, and activate your crystals as you use them. This is because it can affect the effectiveness of your crystals.
Healing crystals are a great addition to every home, thanks to the amazing benefits each has. A good way to fully enjoy these healing benefits is to understand the best places to keep them. Our quick guide above states the best places to store several healing crystals to get the best out of them. 
So, do you own a collection of crystals? Have you been storing them appropriately? If not, follow our guide and start getting the best out of your collection.
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