Why You Need to Smudge & Clear the Energy in your Home

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Why You Need to Smudge & Clear the Energy in your Home

Why You Need to Smudge & Clear the Energy in your Home

cleanse your home with sage

All the feelings you express, feel, witness, watch and experience in your home become emotional energy that moves around your space. Take a minute and raise your vibration. 

That emotional energy will move into people, pets, and plants, into your stuff, into the food you’re eating, into everything in your environment, having an effect. 

And often, very often, when we live in a little box with four walls and right angles, doors and windows closed, the natural swirling, circling, spiraling movement of emotional energy can get stuck.

It settles into the corners and piles of clutter. It sits like stifled smog right above where a conflict or intense emotional energy just occurred. It collects like an invisible layer of dust upon your whole space, keeping you feeling imbalanced, out of sorts, unfulfilled, or just meh.

So it becomes essential to clear out any stagnant, stuck, and negative emotional energy in your space so that it doesn’t have an ill effect on you or anyone else in your home. And with smudging, that’s super easy and fun to do (and smells really good too :)

In the realm of spiritual cleansing and positive energy, few tools are as revered as White Sage. The ancient practice of smudging, using white sage bundles, is a powerful ritual that has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries.

This sacred herb is believed to clear negative energies, allowing for the free flow of positive, healing energy.

Let’s explore some more reasons why you’d want to smudge your home and some tools to do it with.

What is smudging? 

cleanse your home with sage

A smudge stick is simply a small bundle of collected dry herbs or wood, that you can burn in order to release smoke. The smoke itself is the tool that clears and transmutes energy, and using this smoke with intention is called smudging.

Why do I need to smudge my home?

cleanse your home with sage

For clearing & protection

Smudging is one of the simplest and most effective energetic tools you can use to clear out stagnant, stuck, heavy, negative, or unwanted energies from your home. It can protect you from absorbing the ick or having your energy field affected by it. You can also smudge around your own body to cleanse your aura and help shore up your emotional boundaries.

To honor your space

Smudging can become a beautiful ritual and time to honor and connect with your space, to show it attention and gratitude for taking such good care of you, for sheltering you and protecting you from the outside world. It’s a form of cleaning and home maintenance that most people never even consider!

For calm & comfort

Smudging is truly a sensory experience connecting with the herbs, watching the beautiful white smoke waft and circle, and breathing in the gorgeous scents. It’s an act that brings you into the present moment, into all your senses, helping you feel calmer, brighter and so much better. It can settle your mind, body, and spirit helping you feel more comfortable in your space.

What do I smudge with?

cleanse your home with sage\

How to Use White Sage

You can use any number of wonderful herbs to smudge your space, all offering their own unique cleansing and clearing properties with different scents to uplift and support you.

We offer an energy cleanse kit that includes five of the best smudging tools nature has to offer: 


cleanse your home with sage

A symbol of resilience, strength, and eternal life, cedar trees tower over the forest like watchful caretakers. Cedar energy is very protective, cleansing unwanted spirits and energies from your space.

Smudge your home with cedar when you want to clear stagnancy and negativity, procrastination, or low spirits. Its energy lifts minds and hearts, brings in endurance and resilience, helping you find balance during big transitions.

Cedar has been used for centuries in ceremonies by different cultures and is said to attract good spirits.

Yerba santa

cleanse your home with sage

Yerba santa means ‘sacred herb’ or ‘holy weed’ in Spanish, named for its healing and medicinal properties.

It has a pleasant, uplifting scent and when burned with intention in your home, it’s said to help open the flow of your psychic abilities, increase the connection with your intuition and help guide you to discover and trust your innermost self.

Use it for encouragement, empowerment, and to open up more to the wildness within yourself.

White sage

cleanse your home with sage

White sage bundles are popular for smudging. They have been used for centuries by indigenous people. The purpose is to remove negative energies and enhance spiritual awareness.

It is mentally stimulating, opening and clearing the mind, increasing wisdom and a wider perspective.

Smudging with sage smoke is protective, healing, and cleanses lower vibrational energy out of your space. It’s a great one to use for stress and anxiety relief.

Palo Santo

cleanse your home with sage

This delicious-smelling ‘holy wood’ from a sacred tree in South America has been used for centuries in cleansing practices. Its energy is bright, calming, and supportive, boosting the immune and nervous systems.

Burn it to cleanse low, dark, and icky energy from your space, and help you feel grounded, creative and clear.

It’s the one to help you release heavy and intense emotions after a fight, anger outburst or sobfest, to bring calm and balance back into the room.


cleanse your home with sage

When you want to clear your mind or welcome in new energy, reach for a rosemary bundle to smudge. It’s great for cleansing new spaces, blessing new projects, or bringing fresh new energies into a space.

Rosemary helps you honor the space in-between endings and beginnings, and relish in the present moment.

It opens you up to the magic and magnetic feminine qualities of peace, protection, healing, and love.

How do I smudge my home?

First things first, you want to make sure you have a window or door cracked in order to allow the smoke (and the bad energy it collects with it) to escape your space.

Then, you can set an intention if you’d like, consciously bringing awareness to whatever energy you want to clear out, and the energy you want to bring in.

Once you have your smudge stick of choice in hand, you simply light the end of it and allow it to burn for 30-60 seconds, until you can see the orange embers aglow and burning. 

Then blow it out and waft the smoke around your body and around your home, letting your intuition guide you.

For a full cleansing, go through every room of the house, getting smoke around the entire perimeter and all the corners, over seating areas and electronic-heavy spots and cluttered areas, and anywhere that feels like it needs some attention.

It’s a good idea to hold a small bowl or abalone shell beneath the smudge stick as it burns, to catch any ash and keep things safe. You can also use a feather or your hand to wave the smoke in whatever direction you want around your home, rather than waving the actual smudge stick around, if that’s helpful.

We hope this gives you some good ideas for smudging in your home. Check out our shop for all sorts of beautiful tools to help you clear your space, and make your home feel even homier!


Feeling Good with White Sage

Smudging with White Sage can instantly uplift your spirits and create a sense of tranquility within your space. As you light the bundle, let the fragrant smoke waft through the air, enveloping you in a calming embrace. The act of blowing out the flame and allowing the sage to smolder releases its cleansing properties. It's as if negative energy dissipates in the presence of this sacred smoke, making room for feelings of peace and harmony.

Removing Negative Energy, Inviting Positivity

The potent aroma of White Sage not only pleases the senses but also serves as a conduit for removing negativity. As the smoke purifies the air, it neutralizes any stagnant or harmful energies that may be lingering. Picture the smoke carrying away all worries, anxieties, and negativity, leaving behind a space filled with pure, positive vibrations.

The Flow of Energy with White Sage

Incorporating White Sage into your spiritual practice encourages the natural flow of energy within and around you. Whether you're smudging your home, your crystals, or yourself, the ritual creates a harmonious environment where energy can circulate freely. This free flow of energy can enhance your overall well-being, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

Understanding the Benefits of White Sage

The benefits of White Sage extend beyond its aromatic appeal. This revered plant has a deep-rooted history, both spiritually and medicinally. Traditionally, White Sage has been used for purification, healing rituals, and promoting wisdom. Its benefits are not only spiritual but also holistic, encompassing mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Incorporating White Sage into your spiritual rituals not only cleanses your surroundings but also purifies your mind and spirit. Let this ancient practice guide you toward a sense of tranquility, positivity, and well-being. Embrace the power of White Sage and experience the transformative journey it offers.

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