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7 Best Crystals for Protection

7 Best Crystals for Protection
7 Best Crystals for Protection
Healing crystals are one of the biggest go-to’s for people looking to do some in-depth energy work. Whether you’re looking to align your chakras, cleanse your aura of negative attachments, or enhance your intuition, there’s a crystal for that. However, one of the most common things people tend to go searching for with crystals is protection. So whether you’re looking for spiritual protection or protection from negative energy, there are a variety of unique crystals on the market that are here to help keep you safe and block out all negative vibrations from your life. 
In this article, we’re going to go over our picks for the top 7 crystals of protection to help keep away the negative energy in all its forms and help you to live your happiest and most empowered life possible. 
To start, when we talk about the best crystals for protection, black tourmaline always seems to find its way onto the list as the #1 top-recommended, and it isn’t without reason. Commonly referred to as “The Stone of Protection,” black tourmaline is a high-energy crystal that is notorious for its supreme ability to repel unwanted energy from your space, transmuting all lower energies into positive ones. This is because black tourmaline is a master at helping to naturally build walls of protection around you to ensure that no unwanted energies can enter your auric field without your permission. 
In addition to this, because this divine healing crystal is also deeply connected with the root chakra, it is also said to help you feel more grounded and centered whenever you wear it. As a result, it even helps to purify your mind of low-level energies, such as anxiety, stress, and depression, providing you with a more positive mental state overall. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a quick detox or some clear mental insight, black tourmaline is truly a one-of-a-kind crystal and is an essential piece to have if you’re looking for an extra boost of protection wherever you go.  
black obsidian
Next on the list is the powerful stone of obsidian. With a dark, glimmering appearance, this powerful grounding crystal has been favored by healers and shamans for centuries and is known to act as a natural blockade against curses and hexes. However, while its negative repellent properties are certainly strong, more than anything, obsidian is renowned for its impeccable ability to assist you with working through deep emotional trauma and blockages to help you finally leave the past behind you once and for all. 
Today, obsidian is used by many practitioners for everything from blocking out energy vampires, leaving behind old habits, and helping yourself to look on the brighter side of life. Therefore, if you’re trying to start a new chapter in your life or want to be more in control of the energy you let into your space, obsidian is the perfect stone to accompany you for keeping away everyday stresses and strains. 
malachite crystal
Next, malachite is a luxurious gemstone with an enchanting earthy hue that carries many powerful healing properties that follow themes of abundance, cleansing, and balance. However, above all else, perhaps its most favored healing property is in its ability to attract the energies of protection and positivity to its holder. 
This healing crystal has been known to provide robust protection in various ways by absorbing all negative energy in a space, detoxing the body of any low vibrations, and even cleansing the aura of past emotional traumas that may still be lingering. Not to mention, malachite is also known to help activate the heart chakra, allowing you to tap into unconditional love effortlessly to help bring about a happier and healthier state of being. Therefore, no matter what you’re looking for in terms of healing, malachite is a powerful crystal with an intense history of protection that is sure to have your back no matter what.
quartz crystal the master healer
Up next, the high-spirited and captivating crystal of quartz is another popular choice for those looking to protect their energy. Arguably the most popular crystal in the spiritual community in general, quartz is most known for its enchanting ability to help promote a deeper connection to your psychic abilities and bring about mental clarity like no other. However, intuition aside, quartz is also a natural at attracting protective energies on the mental, physical, and spiritual planes and comes highly recommended as a result.
In fact, quartz has even been referred to as “The Master Healer” for its adept ability to regulate our energy and align our chakras, allowing for better energy flow throughout our bodies to eliminate the chances of blocks or buildups in our energy field. Not to mention, quartz can even be used to purify a person or space simply by being in the same room as them, as it is known to radiate an incredibly high vibrational energy that is impossible to ignore. Therefore, if you’re looking for a crystal that will eliminate the bad, amplify the good, and bring a more authentic intuitive connection than ever before, quartz is the perfect crystal companion to have at your side.
5. Shungite
shungite crystal
Next, shungite is a rare and dominant healing stone that has been used in a variety of ancient practices over the centuries for energetic shielding. As a natural protector, shungite is often referred to as “The Stone of Detox” and is most reputable for its astonishing ability to purify the aura of all negative vibrations. With its soothing detoxing properties directly aligned with the root chakra, shungite puts a powerful field of protection around the user, blocking all unwanted energies from entering your space to promote better spiritual stability.
Not to mention, with its rich, dark color, shungite is great for those that suffer from stress and anxiety and can help to block out any and all negative energies such as this from entering your mental space, leaving you with a more positive state of mind overall. Therefore, when in doubt, shungite is a beautiful stone to have on your side for a variety of healing practices.
Up next, amethyst is a unique and powerful high-vibrational crystal that has always been favored for its vibrant complexion. However, despite its striking outer appearance, there is actually a lot more to this crystal than just its eye-catching hue. In fact, amethyst has been a highly sought-after stone for centuries for its incredible healing properties & is known most for its impeccable ability to connect you deeper to your intuition and your third eye. However, aside from its psychic and intuitive connections, amethyst is yet another stone that has a beautiful natural healing aura that can be used in many different healing practices, including protection.  
With that said, due to its high vibrational influence, amethyst is known to help to purify negative thoughts and prevent psychic attacks from all sources. It naturally transmutes all negative energies into positive, loving ones and is often recommended for those who suffer from nightmares, insomnia, and overthinking. Above all else, amethyst encourages peace of mind & creates a strong protection barrier around your aura to keep all bad energies and thoughts from entering your space, and is an excellent choice to add to your collection as a result. 
selenite crystal
And lastly, selenite is a famed purification crystal widely known for its soft, soothing, and loving influence on our energy. However, despite its gentle and tender influence, with such a naturally high vibration, it is also a powerful protector. This is because selenite, as an angelic stone, helps to banish negative vibes from our space, breaking down all energetic blocks within you and allowing your energy to flow more freely. With its unique and calming aura, selenite also works to dispel any unwanted energies from around you while simultaneously working to lift your spirits for a more elevated well-being. Not to mention, it is a natural at regulating the energy flow through your chakras, allowing you to connect deeper to the divine effortlessly. 
When paired with other healing crystals, selenite acts as a natural enhancing stone, helping to strengthen the healing power of the surrounding crystals, making their healing properties more intense and more effective. This makes it a great amplification stone for positive energy in general and an essential for those looking to align further with their most authentic energy.
Whether you’re looking to protect your aura, strengthen your spiritual walls, or simply detox from everyday stressors, crystals are a beautiful and natural way to help cleanse away the bad and get you on your way to living your most empowered, balanced, and positive life imaginable. 

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