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How To Set Intentions With Crystals For The New Year

Are you deciding to set intentions with crystals for the New Year and want to make a life-changing resolution for a fresh start? This article illustrates the power crystals possess and their effect on your life.

Shungite: Healing Properties and Uses

Shungite provides amazing healing properties and benefits. With a multitude of uses and a gentle, yet incredibly strong energy, it can provide protection, charge up your drinking water, and energetically shield you from harmful electric and magnetic fields. Here we will go into detail about this potent crystal ally to have in your healing toolkit. 

Red Crystals for Power, Passion & Grounding

Red crystals are energizing and stimulating, associated with power and passion, with blood and courage. Red stones resonate with the physical body, enhancing your connection to the earth and your humanness. 


Agate Crystal Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

For hundreds of years, Agate was revered as a stone of protection that would ward off evil and enemies. They were believed to heal venomous bites, calm dangerous weather, and be worn during battle to ensure victory.

What Are Energy Vampires? 8 Ways to Protect Yourself from Them!

From people to activities, everything has an impact on you and your life. Let’s take friends for example. Some friends will make you feel uplifted and happy. On the other hand, have you felt exhausted and depleted after spending time with others? Those, are the vampires, only these people drink your positive energy. 

Hematite: The crystal of protection and grounding

This shining metallic stone has a long history of being used for grounding, power, and protection by native people all across the world.

Its iron-rich content makes it feel heavy like an anchor, echoing its ability to help you pause, get present, and ground into your body and into Mother Earth.

Feeling Low? 3 Tips to Raise Your Vibration

Do you feel tired and fatigued, or without energy? It may be because you’re vibrating low.


Vibration is the way that you feel in every aspect of your life: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. If you're feeling low in one aspect of your life, it's likely that you're also feeling low in other aspects.

Black Tourmaline for Clearing & Protection

One of the best crystals to cleanse yourself and your space with, black tourmaline absorbs negative energy like a sponge. This means it can help you clear out the low-frequency emotions (like fear, stress, and anger) that are lingering in your aura, chakras, body, mind, and even in your physical space.

Malachite for Metamorphosis & Deep Healing

Malachite is a rich, earthy green stone that helps protect your heart and your perspective. It connects you back to the abundance and strength that is always in you, helping you harness your innate power. 


Used for millennia by ancient Egyptians, Greek, Romans and Russian czars, the powerful protective and healing qualities of malachite are long known.