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Shungite: Healing Properties and Uses

Shungite provides amazing healing properties and benefits. With a multitude of uses and a gentle, yet incredibly strong energy, it can provide protection, charge up your drinking water, and energetically shield you from harmful electric and magnetic fields. Here we will go into detail about this potent crystal ally to have in your healing toolkit. 

Hematite: The crystal of protection and grounding

This shining metallic stone has a long history of being used for grounding, power, and protection by native people all across the world.

Its iron-rich content makes it feel heavy like an anchor, echoing its ability to help you pause, get present, and ground into your body and into Mother Earth.

Black Tourmaline for Clearing & Protection

One of the best crystals to cleanse yourself and your space with, black tourmaline absorbs negative energy like a sponge. This means it can help you clear out the low-frequency emotions (like fear, stress, and anger) that are lingering in your aura, chakras, body, mind, and even in your physical space.

Black obsidian for protection & emotional healing

Like all black stones, it carries wonderful properties to absorb, deflect and protect from negative energies, but obsidian is especially good at helping smooth out our tumultuous ocean of emotions. 

Crystals for Beginners: Using Crystal Healing Energy in your Life

Looking for some of the best crystals to begin your journey? Here are some of our top, must have picks.

How To Protect Yourself From “Holiday Burnout”

Protecting your energy doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. But it’s important to try different methods until you find the right one for you. No one wants to end up tired, overwhelmed, or burnt after the holidays. So make sure to use these quick tips to enjoy the holidays,

Simple & Powerful Healing Practices with Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is an incredible grounding and clearing tool. Like its cousin clear quartz, which amplifies light energy, smoky quartz has the unique ability to amplify the light inside the deep, dark places within you.