8 of the Most Powerful Crystals

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8 of the Most Powerful Crystals

There’s an endless array of gorgeous crystals to choose from, so if you’re just getting started collecting them, or want to be sure you have some of the most potent healing crystals available, here’s our short list of 8 amazingly powerful crystals and the beautiful ways they can benefit your life.

  1. Clear quartz


Quartz is one of the most ample crystals available on Earth which must mean mama nature gave it to us for good reason. It’s the most powerful conductor of energy in the crystal world, directing, amplifying and transmuting lower, denser energies with ease. 


Quartz is in all the technological devices you own right now because it has an incredible storage capacity to hold information. It holds energetic information in the same way when you work with it and is highly programmable to use with specific intentions, affirmations, or manifestations, to amplify their energy out into the world.


Far beyond basic and an absolute must-have for any crystal collector, clear quartz brings clarity, light, and literal electric energy down from the cosmos to help you energize and clarify your life.


  1. Citrine

Citrine takes the power of clear quartz and wraps it in a suit of sunshine, making it like a happy magic pill that brings lightness, joy, and optimism to everything you do.


It radiates positive, uplifting energy that awakens and activates the solar plexus, helping lift your spirits out of depression, anger, confusion, doubt, or any lower feelings, into a mindset of endless possibility. 


A powerful manifestation stone, you can program citrine with your aspirations and dreams and it will help you move out of your head and into action to make your goals happen and bring more happiness to your everyday life.


  1. Malachite

Malachite is a powerful stone for the heart space that is ready to help you release the old pain, shadows, and trauma for good, and to claim your birthright as a powerful creator in this world.


Regenerative and strong, malachite has a masculine energy that helps stifled and stuck emotions come to the surface to be released, clearing the heart space and activating your inner power through the solar plexus.


Malachite is a highly protective stone with a warrior spirit that strengthens your wellbeing on all levels and brings regenerative healing energy to the whole body. It’s an immunity booster and emotional cleanser that helps you connect with the strength of your own heart and integrity to empower you. 


  1. Black Tourmaline

One of the most powerful absorbers of dense energy, black tourmaline is an incredible crystal for grounding and protection. It’s a wonderful stone to help alleviate stress, anxiety, anger, or any negativity from your energy field and is a must-have for empaths to protect from overwhelming emotions coming in from the outside world.


If you’re feeling stuck in your head, cluttered, confused, or chaotic, black tourmaline almost immediately pulls you back into your body, into the present moment, helping you feel more confident, strong, and secure.


It dispels and redirects any dense and lower energies that are hanging out in your aura or chakras down and out through your root chakra, back into the earth to be composted.


  1. Labradorite

A gorgeously dreamy stone with a powerful, high vibration, labradorite connects with the heart and mind to shift your perceptions, heighten your awareness and help you plug into your inner wisdom.


With it’s stunning flashes in blue, green, and yellow, labradorite brings flashes of insight and creative ideas that encourage your growth and transformation, helping you rise above any fray or struggle and expand into your full power.


It’s a mystical stone that opens the lines of communication between you and your spirit guides and highest self. It allows you to see life from a wider perspective, to realize what has been hidden in your subconscious, and bring healing to old emotional wounds as you discover all the magic you hold within you.


  1. Lemurian quartz

We already talked about the power and potency of clear quartz, and Lemurian quartz amps that up a notch even further. Connected to the high frequency energy of the ancient Lemurian civilization, these quartz crystals possess incredible wisdom and cosmic teachings for us.


This gorgeously powerful quartz is an amplifier of higher consciousness, helping lift you beyond the confines of the physical plane to connect with your cosmic guides and angels for guidance. If you have inklings that you’re a Starseed or feel very connected to the cosmos, you’ll love the out-of-this-world energy of Lemurian quartz.


Awakening and clearing the highest chakras above your body and bringing light into your whole aura, Lemurian quartz can open the gateway for you to explore the astral realm and connect with ancient wisdom. Use it for working with the Akashic records, doing dream work, astral traveling, or heightening your meditation experience.


  1. Amethyst

For powerful vibes of relaxation and renewal, amethyst offers the biggest and best dose of zen quality relief. For stress, worry, pessimism or any emotions that feel like they’re dragging you down, amethyst can swoop in to lift you right back up with its healing, refreshing, enlightening energy.


Connected to the crown and third eye chakras, amethyst fosters your relationship with your guides and intuition, helping you see through the clouds of the mind to find solutions, and view your everyday struggles from a higher perspective.


Wise and gentle, it’s hard to be in a bad mood around a gorgeous, sparkling amethyst. It promotes calm reflection, relaxation, and letting go, as you open up to the divine support that is always around you.

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  1. Shungite

One of the most necessary and helpful stones for our modern world, shungite is a powerhouse clearer of harmful, toxic and misaligned energies.


Its high carbon content literally absorbs dense, heavy, stagnant energy which is helpful in all the ways, from relieving stressful and intense emotions, to removing toxic debris from the body, to clearing electro-smog from the air.


It holds a balanced, steady vibration that grounds and transmutes disharmonic energies, and frequencies that are chaotic, untethered, or too intense. It grabs a hold of them and transforms them into a balanced, steady frequency that promotes health and wellbeing.


Incredibly grounding and strengthening for everyday life, shungite is one stone you want to carry with you throughout the day to mitigate any negative energies coming at you, and to keep at your desk or around your electronic devices at home to help clear the EMF filled air.


Do you have these stones in your collection yet? Is there a particular one that’s calling to you right now?


We have all 8 of these powerful beauties available in our shop now- take a look around and see which one is pulling at your energetic strings. It may have some healing work to do with you! 


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