Tips for Beginners to Find the Right Crystals for You

Tips for Beginners to Find the Right Crystals for You

Tips for Beginners to Find the Right Crystals for You


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There are so many beautiful and beneficial crystals out there, how do you find the right ones for you? 


Here are some good tips for beginners to get you started building a crystal collection that will bring you joy and healing for years to come.


First, let your eyes & intuition do the shopping

Pay attention to the crystals you feel immediately attracted to or interested in. There could be something about the color, the cut, the glimmer, the shine- you don’t have to define what you like about it, just follow that magnetic pull and see what it draws you towards.


And yes, you can feel the pull even through a computer screen. 


Your body knows better than your mind does. Your subconscious mind and your energy system will guide you via oohs and ahhs and subtle yeses and nos within your body. 


This is an opportunity to play with your intuition and let it lead you to a crystal your mind may not have considered.


For instance, you may be shopping for a stone to help you attract love, but if you only look at the pink and green heart-opening stones that your mind thinks are the best fit, you might gloss over the black obsidian you really need that’ll help you release your subconscious emotions so you can be a clear vessel to attract whatever you want. 


So, when shopping for crystals, it’s a good idea to pursue, wander around the shop or the site, see what you’re attracted to. Then, you can get deeper into researching and learning about the stones that you feel most drawn to.


Instead of your mind telling you what you think you need, allow your energy- via your intuitive hunches and gut attractions- to tell you what you need.



Then research the properties & benefits of each crystal


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Once you find yourself with googly eyes over a crystal that seems to be calling you, then you can check out its qualities and benefits and see if it aligns with some of the things you want to cultivate in your life. 


Our blog is a great place to get some deeper dives into different crystal properties and benefits, and how you can use your crystals in everyday life. 


Stay open to being attracted to crystals that offer something you didn’t even consciously know you needed yet.


Remember, crystal energy communicates through the same frequency as our subconscious, through your energy field and emotions. 


So trust your subtle senses and your feelings, and if the crystal you’re drawn to doesn’t quite make sense to your mind yet, just tell your brain you’re letting your intuition take the wheel and it doesn’t need a backseat driver. 


Also know, you can’t rely on short descriptions and other people’s experiences with crystals to tell you exactly how it’s going to affect you. Your unique frequency will work with the crystal’s unique frequency in a symbiotic relationship that is special only to you two. That’s one of the reasons crystal healing is so cool.


The more you drop expectations and stay open to whatever benefits a crystal might bring into your life, the more magic you’ll experience from your relationship.



Start with the basics


green aventurine crystal


If you feel overwhelmed with too many options, feel like you’re drawn to every pretty crystal you see and just can’t decide, you might want to start with some of the essential must-have stones for everyone’s collection. Think amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, and smoky quartz if you don’t have those yet.


Also, check out our post sharing our fave crystals for beginners, along with tips to use them in everyday life. These are some crystals that anyone can benefit from no matter what they’re going through.  


Or, you can let us intuitively select a couple of crystals for you! One of our favorite things is picking out the perfect crystals to surprise you with each month. They come with beautifully illustrated cards sharing their healing properties. It takes any stress out of selecting the right stones, and it’s a super fun surprise to open!


And pro tip: no matter which crystal you choose to bring home (or maybe they choose you :), you’ll want to be sure to cleanse it once you receive it.


This will clear out any unwanted energies it's picked up along the way on its journey into your hands and is also a beautiful way to welcome your new crystal into your life and connect with its energy. It’s the start of your relationship together, so start with a clean slate.


You can cleanse your new crystal friends with smudge smoke, moonlight, on the Earth or place it on a piece of selenite overnight. 


No matter which crystal you choose, you’ll have a better experience with it the more you use it, give it attention, tell it your intentions, meditate with it, carry it with you, keep it near you. They can only help you if you use them! 


Have fun, admire and play with your crystals, and they’ll open you up to lots of magic in your life.


 Learn about some of the best crystals to open your third eye on our blog here.. 

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