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Carnelian for confidence & creative spark

Carnelian for confidence & creative spark

Carnelian for confidence & creative spark

Carnelian for confidence & creative spark

Carnelian, in its vibrant orange color, is a stone of firepower. It’s a get-up-and-go crystal that’ll bring you more energy, confidence, and vitality. It’s the stone to work with when you’re ready to push yourself to go after all the things you want for your life!

carnelian crystal meaning

Incredibly grounding and energizing, carnelian works with the lower chakras, primarily the sacral chakra, lighting up your inner passion and desire, and fueling you with the life force energy you need to take action. This red orange stone has powerful metaphysical properties.

It’s perfect for the fire signs of the zodiac- Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius- to help ignite your innate drive, motivation, and confidence. It’s also great for anyone who wants to increase more of their own fiery qualities. When you’re feeling stuck in the mud, too watery with emotions, or carried away with airy thoughts, carnelian can bring in the balance you need.

Let’s explore some of the best benefits of carnelian energy and how to work with it in your own life!

Creative motivation


Carnelian sparks the fire of your inner desire to help you create what you want in this life. If you’re feeling low on motivation, or like you’ve lost your spark or have no energy to put towards creative endeavors, use carnelian to help you reconnect with your drive and passion and let your curiosities lead you. The Ancient Egyptians believed strongly in the powers of this healing stone.

It’ll also help give you the courage and confidence to share your creations with the world! If you tend to hide your gifts out of fear of criticism or always self-talk yourself out of following your creative dreams, grab some carnelian and get ready to confidently share your creative talents with those who may need them most.

Wearing a carnelian bracelet or necklace, or keeping a palm stone in your pocket is a great way to immerse yourself in its energy all day long. You can also keep one at your workspace, or hold one while you brainstorm about all the possibilities you want to create in your life. 

Strength & stamina

Carnelian works really well to support your physical body. It’s an invigorator for the blood and it has been used to relieve cramps, muscular pain, and inflammation.

Try rubbing a carnelian sphere or tumbled stone over your belly for menstrual cramps or on your temples for a headache. Anywhere you have aches and pain, try laying a carnelian stone there to help increase the blood flow and get the good chi flowing in that area. This crystal is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

It also helps provide strength and stamina to the body for any sort of physical endeavor. It’s wonderful to wear, carry or have nearby while you exercise, or even just to help you get through a long day of working/parenting/humaning.

Stick a tumbled stone in your bra or pocket as you charge up that mountain, literally or figuratively, and see if you can feel the difference!

Spark your sensuality


Carnelian ignites sensual energy and passion for life. This can translate into sexual desire and get your literal juices flowing, but it’s also about finding more joy, fun, and zest in all parts of life.

It’ll help you relish in all the little things- the taste of each bite of food, the way that cashmere sweater feels against your skin, the sound of rain on the roof. Carnelian connects you back to your body, to your senses, to your humanness.

When you’re feeling a little airy-fairy and all up in your head, carnelian helps bring you back into the present moment to enjoy all the sensory delights that are right here, right now, all around you! 

Wear or carry a carnelian crystal, or set one on your altar or central place in your home, to ignite more gusto and passion in all areas of your life. You can also keep one in the bedroom to spark things up! (They’re not the best to have by your bedside when you actually want to sleep though ;) 

Emotional boundaries

Carnelian is a sacral chakra balancer and healer. It aids in releasing toxic emotions and all those feelings you’re holding onto that are no longer serving you.

It’s a great stone for empaths who tend to absorb the emotions of the world around them. Carnelian can help you cultivate strong, clear emotional boundaries that protect you from absorbing what’s not yours.

And if you tend to give away your energy to all the things before you take care of your own wants and needs, carnelian can help you support yourself first so that you can better support others. 

You can’t give from an empty well. Carnelian helps you fill your own energetic cup first, and keep boundaries around the energy you give and take. It’s an amazing self-care stone to help you commit to and take action towards your own emotional stability and balance.

Throw one in the bath with you as you relax and release any heavy, dense, and stuck emotions. Or hold one over your sacral chakra and imagine its warm, orange light surrounding your body with a protective aura of vitality, joy, and courage.

Abundance and luck


Carnelian has been used as a stone of luck for centuries in cultures around the world stretching back to Ancient Egpyt. Associated with kings, good fortune, and an abundance of wealth and health, carnelian carries a warm, masculine energy to help you take action on your goals and achieve your dreams.

Use carnelian when setting intentions, writing out to-do lists, or even visualizing the kind of life you want to live. It can help you bring those intangible wishes and goals into reality by focusing on the next right actions and directing your energy in an intentional way.

As it helps clear your emotional stuckness and lift you into more vital energy, it puts you into the frequency to attract more goodness to you. When you feel into the joy and abundance that’s already right here for you, you call in more of the same energy into your life.

Speak your highest intentions for what you want to create or do in your life into your carnelian stone, and set it on an altar to vibrate those desires out to the Universe.

Carnelian is one of our favorite stones to bring more energy and vitality into every day. If you’re ready to feel passionate and confident so you can squeeze all the juicy goodness out of life, check out our carnelian collection in the shop and see if there’s a piece that speaks to you!

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