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Citrine for Everyday Healing & Joy

An excellent crystal to work with for empowerment, citrine is a mega-booster to your self-esteem, willpower, and ability to take action on your ideas. It’s helpful for procrastination and stuckness, can clear out the doubt and self-defeating thoughts holding you back, and ignites your inner fire and creative drive to move, go forward, and bring your dreams into reality.

Yellow lace agate healing properties

Yellow Lace Agate is a joyful and uplifting stone that energizes your Sacral Chakra (second chakra) and Solar Plexus Chakra (third chakra). The Sacral Chakra deals with our creative abilities, sexuality, emotions, intuition, intimacy and relationships. The Solar Plexus Chakra deals with self-esteem and personal power. It can help us manifest great success in business!

Lions gate portal - Time to manifest your desires

 The Lions Gate Portal is a time to align with your intentions and amplify your energy.

You can use this time for meditation, journaling, or just to get clear on what you want in your life. Remember that the universe is always working behind the scenes for you, and it will deliver your desires when it's the right time.


The Best Crystals for Chakra Healing

There are 7 main chakras in your astral body, which are connected to your aura. These are the chakras you work within daily life, whether you realize it or not, as you exchange energy with the world around you.


When you use crystals to create more balance in these 7 chakras, you’ll find more balance in your everyday life!

Carnelian for confidence & creative spark

Carnelian, in its vibrant orange color, is a stone of firepower. It’s a get-up-and-go crystal that’ll bring you more energy, confidence, and vitality. It’s the stone to work with when you’re ready to push yourself to go after all the things you want for your life!

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals : Flow with your Life Force

Crystals are a beautiful tool for awakening the creative forces of the Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus chakra is the part of the human energy field located at the belly. This chakra is responsible for helping the flow of life force and is related to your self-esteem, confidence, and willpower. 

The 5 Best Crystals for Meditation and How To Use Them

Crystal healing has been a staple practice for many spiritualists for decades. Crystals enhance and heal our own energy and connect us to the natural world. They are a powerful spiritual tool and therefore are great to be used in meditation. But what are the best crystals for meditation, and how can we use them in order to fully harness the powers of the crystals? 

Healing & Rejuvenation with Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a stone full of cheer, optimism, and joy and is a primary healer for the sacral and solar plexus chakras in its bright, tangerine hue. 

Orange calcite is a healing stone, invigorating and calming at the same time, easing anxiety and fear and allowing you to step into a fresh new perspective.

Best Crystals for attracting money & prosperity

Keeping the right crystals close to you will assist in raising your energetic vibrations and knowing which stones to use for attracting wealth and abundance is key to manifesting money. Read on to find out which seven best crystals for manifesting money will help you to shift your limiting beliefs around abundance.