How to Use Healing Crystals in Design

How to Use Healing Crystals in Design

How to Use Healing Crystals in Design

Have you ever walked into a space that felt heavy and uninviting, cold and cluttered? Did it leave you feeling low and depleted afterward?

Have you ever walked into a space that felt fresh and welcoming, warm and easy to feel at home in? Did you leave feeling better, full of appreciation and light?

This is an example of the very visceral power that the energy within a space has to shift your entire mood, day, and life!

Think about the spaces you spend the most time in, where you live, work, and hang out, the spaces you encounter every regular day. How does each one make you feel?

Every good feeling space has one primary thing in common- they all have good energy flowing through them. 

And what’s one of the best ways to create a good energy flow throughout any space? Crystals, of course! 

More than just spiritual tools for personal growth and healing, crystals have the power to shift the energy of your whole environment, especially when used with intention in the design.

So let’s explore how you can use healing crystals in your home, workspace, and everywhere in between, to help the good energy flow through to all who enter there.

The Front Door

According to feng shui, the front door is the most important area to focus on for bringing good energy into your space, as it’s the barrier between the outer and inner world. You want the area around your front door to feel vital, strong & protected while also welcoming you in with a warm invitation. 

To create good energy around your front door you’ll want to incorporate some strong, grounding crystals to form an energetic barrier of protection that keeps negative and denser energies out. This also serves to help you release whatever energies and emotions you’ve accumulated prior, so as not to take them with you as you enter the space.

You can also choose to use strengthening, regenerative crystals that bring vitality and life to your front door, making you feel refreshed as you enter.

You can place crystals outside the door if it’s safe to keep them there, or right in the entryway as you come in, or both! 

Here are some good picks for front door crystals:

  • Black tourmaline is a great choice to ground and transmute negative energies as you walk in the door.

  • Agate- moss agate or a pretty druzy- is grounding, calming, and soothing, neutralizing dense energies and creating good flow.

  • Jade is the custom feng shui choice to have at your front door to bring in power, prosperity, and good luck.

Living space

For the main living space of your home, there are a lot of different options for crystals you can use, depending on what kind of energy you want to bring into that space. In general, this is a spot where you want to be able to relax and unwind, to play and have fun, an area in which you want to feel uplifted spirits and light energy. 

You can place your crystals anywhere that works well with your design, on a center or side table, on top of a mantle or piano. You can even stick crystals in your houseplants!

For a larger space like this, you want to look for a crystal that will amplify and radiate its energy outwardly into the whole space. A crystal tower, sphere, or pyramid are great options to display here, or a cluster that will radiate its energy out in all directions.

Here are a few of our favorite crystals for living spaces:

  • Citrine is one of the most optimistic and joyful stones, like a dose of sunshine for your space to keep spirits up, minds open, and moods uplifted.

  • Smoky quartz will help ground and temper strong emotional energy and send a positive, protective vibe out to the entire space.

  • Fluorite brings uplifting energy into the space, clearing out lower frequencies, and bringing in light and flow to create clear minds and open hearts.


Your bedroom is where you want to bring in crystals that can help you relax, recuperate, and have sweet dreams. Think about stones that clear the mind, release tension and stress from the body, and bring in a higher vibration.

This is also a wonderful spot to incorporate crystals around love and romance, whether you have a partner or not, to bring in feelings of comfort, acceptance, and open-heartedness.

You can place crystals on a bedside table or dresser, in the windows, in each corner of the room, under the bed, or even under your pillow. Be careful about keeping any highly stimulating and activating stones in this space as they may make it hard for you to sleep.

A few perennial fave stones for the bedroom: 

  • Amethyst is purifying and relaxing, bringing harmony, peace, and upliftment, creating a serene space to rest and connect with your spiritual self.

  • Rose quartz will bring warm feelings of self-love and self-acceptance to all who enter the space, helping hearts stay open, and bringing emotional comfort.

  • Howlite is a super soothing and peaceful stone to help you rest your mind, sleep soundly, have more meaningful dreams, and remember them.


Whether you work at home by your lonesome or in a field of cubicles, you can bring in crystals to amplify the energy of your workspace. In this area you want to focus on crystals that increase your focus and productivity, that help you stay grounded and present, and that stimulate creative ideas.

The sky is the limit here, especially related to whatever you do in particular for work. You can also think about placing crystals that attract money and abundance here, to help you grow your business, get a raise or become more financially secure. There are also many beautiful crystals that can help you manifest your big ideas and dreams into reality.

You also want to consider the amount of technology and electronics you’re around during the day as you work, and can choose crystals to help alleviate the ill effects of EMFs and overstimulating environments. 

You can find a crystal to enhance the specific qualities you want to bring in for the day, but here are some favorites to always have at your desk:

  • Carnelian is an energetic stone of fire and creativity to increase your motivation, stamina, and follow-through.

  • Pyrite is a golden stone of willpower and strength, helping you stay focused on your goals and in action mode to make them happen.

  • Shungite is an incredible grounding stone to help absorb bad vibes as well as harmful EMFs from the devices you count on for work.

This is just the beginning of how you can use crystals in design, to get you started! Experiment with placing different crystals in different spots and see how the energy is affected. 

As you’re placing crystals around your space, remember that energy can get stuck in corners, in clutter, in tight, dark, forgotten places, so those are great areas to clean up if you can or to make sure you have some crystals there to help lift the dense energy that can collect.

As you pick out crystals to use as design elements, remember they’re so much more than just pretty decor. They are energetic conductors and when used with intention, they can change the entire vibe! 

Take a peek at all the beautiful crystals we have available and use your intuition as your guide to hear which ones are calling you.

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