Lapis Lazuli Healing Benefits

lapis lazuli crystal benefits

Lapis Lazuli Healing Benefits


lapis lazuli



Royal blue and eye-catching, Lapis Lazuli is a beaming crystal exuding powerful energy. Lapis Lazuli's healing benefits are as unique as its physical features. It’s among the more restorative, nurturing, and peace-inducing crystals gifted to us.

Lapis Lazuli’s vibrant color combination results from its composition–a mix of Lazurite, Pyrite, and Calcite. On their own, these crystals are stunning and potent combined they are breathtakingly gorgeous and energetically astounding. But there is far more to Lapis Lazuli than what meets the eye.  The stone of truth and the sky, Lapis Lazuli is known to enhance communication. It allows one to speak their own truth from a centered place. It works with the throat chakra to increase your ability to express yourself both verbally and physically clearly. If you are suffering from anxiety or fear about speaking up for your ideas, this stone will help you overcome these issues by clearing away doubt, fear, and worry.

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of wisdom and has been used since Ancient times. It allows you to speak your truth clearly and concisely. This royal blue colored crystal with gold flecks has a powerful energy that helps keep you grounded in this earthly world while giving you the ability to transcend to a higher state of consciousness. Lapis lazuli is a perfect stone to have near you when meditating, reflecting, or reaching for higher levels of understanding and self knowledge. Use it to enhance psychic dreams and develop intuition. A perfect crystal mood enhancer, this gem will bring serenity to the room or environment in which it is placed.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning and History

The crystal name comes from the Latin Lapis, meaning stone, and the Persian word Lazhward, meaning blue. Lapis lazuli has a history with Ancient Egyptian royalty. Egyptians used this healing stone to adorn Pharaohs, Queens, and Goddesses as a sign of royalty, status, and spiritual endowment.
This healing crystal is commonly associated with the spirit realm. In ancient Babylon, there’s a story of a Goddess, Ishtar, who adorns herself with Lapis Lazuli as she passes through the seven gates of the underworld. Lapis Lazuli helps you hold tight to your inner power--never letting you slip or feel as though you’re losing yourself. Deep healing can feel like your own personal hell.
Lapis Lazuli is the crystal referenced many times in the Bible as a Sapphire. Scholars now understand this to be Lapis Lazuli. It is also the oldest opaque gemstone dating back further than 6,500 years.
Lapis Lazuli Healing Benefits
We’re all Goddesses in our own right and can rely on Lapis Lazuli Healing Benefits to:
Lapis Lazuli strengthens your critical thinking as you navigate shadow work, preventing you from becoming emotionally or spiritually overwhelmed. Use this crystal to nurture your inner child and restore faith in yourself as you navigate the bumpiest parts of life. 
This spiritual crystal synchronizes body, mind, and spirit, becoming a complete healer. Depending on the intentions you set, Lapis Lazuli is capable of creating alignment and balance in a multitude of areas in your life, from finding purpose, spiritual awakenings, and treating a respiratory infection.
Crystal for Throat Chakra
The stone of communication, lapis lazuli helps you speak your truth. Use this crystal for healing throat chakra to speak with clarity, joy, and ease. It can also be used for meditation or dream work.
Lapis Lazuli is notably one of the most healing crystals next to Amethyst. Rich, royal blue with flecks of gold drip regal energy. This stunning crystal encourages eloquence in your expression and self-assurance in your delivery.
Lapis lazuli instills confidence, promotes creativity, and invites you to embrace your imagination. Poets, writers, painters, singers, and other creatives who rely on meaningful expression to get their message across reach for Lapis Lazuli.
Powerful Third-Eye Crystal
Intensely mystical and beaming with a high-frequency, Lapis Lazuli illuminates the Third-Eye Chakra allowing you to absorb the wisdom offered by life lessons. Lapis Lazuli helps you see the silver lining and wards off depression and anxiety.
Lapis Lazuli is great for reminding you of your fullest potential and encouraging you to pursue it. Your crystal can help dissolve Third-eye chakra blockages like doubt, fear, insecurity, and the sense of disconnect. Many times a lack of fulfillment comes from a blocked third eye. Lapis lazuli inspired the inner work to unfold the interests, wishes, and desires you’ve avoided or denied.
Lapis Lazuli says Anything is possible!
Lapis Lazuli is an excellent perseverance stone as it helps you remain calm and clear-minded when you’re at the finish line of a project or goal.
If you tend to overthink and believe everything can be improved somehow. Lapis Lazuli prevents you from getting in your way and empowers you to leave behind thoughts based on toxic perfectionism and trust yourself.
Tap Into Your Intuition With Lapis Lazuli
Align with your inner compass with the spiritual guidance of this blue healing crystal.
Use Lapis Lazuli to open your mind and illuminate your intuition. Crystals naturally heightened the intuition, and Lapis Lazuli benefits can help you decode downloads from the Universe. Whether it’s a gut feeling or clear foresight, Lapis Lazuli will help you navigate your psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli Associations

Lapis lazuli healing benefits aren’t the end of the story. This crystal has meaningful associations that span schools of thought, traditions, and time.
Lapis Lazuli Associations
  • September Birthstone
  • Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius Zodiac Signs
  • Known as the Wisdom Stone
  • Third-Eye, Throat, and less commonly Crown Chakras
  • The element of water
  • Vibrational numbers 3 and 11
  • The colors blue and gold
  • Body part correspondence: blood, heart, brain, thymus, circulation, larynx, vocal cords, bone marrow, and general immune system and treating inflammation
Lapis Lazuli Affirmations
Connect with your crystal with powerful Lapis Lazuli Affirmations that help you synergize with its healing frequency.
My thoughts and feelings are grounded in self-knowing
All solutions can be found within
I think clearly and focus with ease
I trust myself
I am supported by the Universe
It is safe to spiritually awaken
I invite expansion into my life
Evidence of the spiritual realm surrounds me
I speak my truth with confidence
I deserved to be heard
I attract people who value my thoughts and ideas
I lean into my intuition and follow my inner guidance
My friendships are sources of joy, inspiration, and celebration
I came into human form to be an endless creator 

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