The Healing Qualities of Angelite Crystal and How to Use It

The Healing Qualities of Angelite Crystal and How to Use It

The Healing Qualities of Angelite Crystal and How to Use It


Angelite is a beautiful blue stone with white veins. In addition to its beautiful blue hue and angelic appearance, Angelite also carries unique properties that make it an exceptional stone. Member of the Calcite group, it is known for helping with many mental and physical problems, making it one of the most useful stones out there. Angelite is an excellent stone for both self-healing and helping others heal, it is a hands-on healer. Angelite is also a great partner for meditation, as it is said to connect you to the celestial realm. Because Angelite brings peace within, it’s also helpful when finding balance in your life and keeping stress at bay. Keep reading to learn more about this unique mineral and why you should add it to your crystal collection.


Where does it come from?


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While Angelite is found in a few different places worldwide, it’s most widely known to come from Brazil, Peru, and the United States. There’s also a high quality of Angelite that comes from India.  

Archaeologists discovered Angelite in areas where prehistoric people once lived and believe it has been used since ancient times as an amulet or talisman for protection against evil spirits and witchcraft. 


Why is it called Angelite? 


The name Angelite comes from its resemblance to the winged angels of Renaissance art. It is also named Angelite because of the belief that it helps Angels, guides, and higher beings to communicate with you. It’s a very rare mineral and can be difficult to find. You can also find Angelite combined with other minerals, like the ones below.


How Does Angelite Help Heal?


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Angelite is known as a “stone of transformation”. It naturally brings change and new beginnings, making it an excellent stone for when life throws you a curve ball. Angelite also helps you understand your own feelings. So, when a change strikes, you’ll be able to identify what needs to be adjusted and more importantly, why. Angelite is incredible for reiki healing, telepathy, and clairvoyance. It’s a wonderful stone as it helps you to achieve a higher state of consciousness.


Why Use Angelite for Self-Healing?


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Angelite is a very powerful stone that can be used alone or in conjunction with other stones for various illnesses or mental issues. While each stone will affect you differently, Angelite can be used to help with a wide variety of health issues. Here's a list of things Angelite can help you cope with and heal: 

- Increased intuition and psychic abilities 

- Relieves tension, stress, and anger

- Calming the mind when stress and anxiety take over 

- Alleviating depression, sadness, and feelings of isolation 

- Balancing the chakras and helping with spiritual growth 

- Healing the body, mind, and spirit 

- Bringing out your inner strength 

- Bringing clarity to situations that you’re going through 

- Increasing feelings of love and connection with others 

- Finding your passion and purpose

- Opening the throat chakra and balance flow of energy  

- Allieviete anxiety and depression

- Positive life force energy 

- Reiki energy work, angel realm


Where to Use Angelite for Self-Healing?


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Anywhere you’d like! The best place to use a healing crystal is wherever you feel the most comfortable. When placed directly on the feet, Angelite activates your meridians and energetic pathways. If you’re having a challenging day and are looking for immediate relief, you can hold the stone in your hand or against your skin. If you’re looking for something more long-term, you can use it to clear out your chakras on a regular basis. Be sure to cleanse them every once in a while to keep them free from negative energy.


How to Use Angelite for Depression?


Angelite is known to help with depression, making it a great stone to use when you’re feeling low. It helps you to release feelings of sadness and isolation, while also bringing you to hope and love. If you feel that you’re experiencing depression, use it to become more compassionate towards yourself. Angelite can also help you speak your truth, a crucial step to start healing. Use this crystal to feel supported and connected with the Universe. 


How to Use Angelite for Anxiety and Fear?


Anxiety and fear are common issues that many people deal with. These emotions can be triggered by many different things, including a traumatic event, issues at home or work, or even the weather. Not only do these hinder your daily life, but they’re also unhealthy for your body. Angelite clears out these emotions and brings more positivity into your life. Angelite is also known for facilitating acceptance, helping you deal with the things that cannot be changed. . If you’re looking for quicker relief, you can also place the stone against your forehead (on top of the third eye), close your eyes, and take a deep breath. You will feel the benefits almost right away!


How to Use Angelite to Enhance Your Spiritual Life?


Also known as the stone of awareness, Angelite can help you develop your intuition and deepen your spiritual practice. If you want to experience out-of-this-world experiences and sacred journeys, then look no further. Working with this crystal regularly will help you attune and tighten your perception at the same time as it starts creating a protective shield around you. 


How to Use Angelite When You’re Sick?


Angelite is known to help with a wide variety of illnesses, including the flu and disease, as well as with healing broken bones and other ailments. However, if you’re sick, wear or carry the stone with you as it will help to speed up the healing process and make you feel better faster.


Final Words


As you can tell after reading this blog, Angelite can be a really helpful stone to use. From mental and physical issues to connecting you with the divine, it is without a doubt a great stone to have in your home.


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