The Power of Clear Quartz to Manifest Your Dreams

The Power of Clear Quartz to Manifest Your Dreams

The Power of Clear Quartz to Manifest Your Dreams


clear quartz crystal


Clear quartz is one of the most prolific and popular crystals to work with for very good reason- it’s a master healer stone. One of the best manifesting crystals. Help removes negative thoughts and negative emotions.

The ultimate amplifier and director of energy, clear quartz is one of the most powerful crystals you can work with to clear out negative energy and manifest your intentions.

It brings light, clarity, direction, and heightened awareness, clearing the fog of the mind, and amplifying your clear intentions out to the universe. 

It’s an incredibly high-vibration stone that aligns you with your intuitive wisdom and opens you to guidance from the unseen realms. 

Let’s get into how you can use clear quartz in your everyday life to manifest your dreams!

Getting Clarity on Your Intentions


clear quartz crystal


The first step in creating a life you love is to get clear on what you want! This is much easier said than done, as we’re often so inundated with ideas, opinions, advice, and beliefs from the outside world, that it can be very difficult to get clear on the true innate desires you hold within your soul.

That’s where clear quartz comes in, to help you clear out any heavy, negative or stagnant thoughts and emotions that are getting in the way of you having a clear view of what you want and need in your life.

It’s a great full-body, entire aura, every chakra cleaner-outer to release you from the energy that is not yours to hold, including all that you’ve picked up from the world around you, so you can feel centered and clear in your own being.

Use it to help you make decisions, stay focused, and gain a higher-perspective vision of the possibilities and potential you hold.

Once you get clear on your direction, clear quartz will help keep you energized and taking inspired action towards your goals. 

Manifesting with Clear Quartz


clear quartz crystal


Once you have clarity around what you truly desire and deserve for your life, clear quartz is an amazing stone to use to empower and amplify your intentions!

Clear quartz absorbs, transmutes, stores, and directs energetic information. That’s why it's being used in whatever device you’re reading this on right now. These amazing abilities make it a powerful tool to use directly with your intentions to manifest what you want for your life.

You can directly program clear quartz to hold the energy of your intention, goals, desires, or vision, and then radiate that energy out into the cosmos to help all the elements conspire and align to make things happen.

Clear quartz is a supremely magical tool!

Here’s how to program clear quartz to use in your manifestation practices:

  1. Make sure you’re starting with a freshly cleansed clear quartz crystal.

    You can cleanse it with water, sunlight, moonlight, smoke, salt, selenite, or simply the power of your intention, imagining it being cleansed with pure white light.

  2. Get clear on an intention for what you desire to manifest in your life.

    It doesn’t need to be a specific goal, rather, it may serve you better to simply think about how you want to feel in the future to stay open to all the possibilities and magic that could get you there.

  3. Smudge your space to clear it, and write your intentions down.

  4. Hold your cleansed clear quartz in your hands, and state your intentions out loud.

    As you do this, focus on the energy of your intentions moving into the crystal. You can do this while holding the quartz up to your heart, or your forehead, or wherever it feels good.

  5. Fold up your intentions and place the clear quartz on top.

    When you keep your written intentions with your quartz, it radiates their words, their energy, their vibration out into the universe and amplifies their power. You can place this on an altar space or other safe place.

  6. Check-in with your quartz each day.

    You can do this simply by holding your crystal and feeling into your intentions for a minute or two, or stating them out loud again.

Then wait and watch for the energy in your life to start shifting, redirecting you towards new possibilities and opportunities, new ways of thinking, and new support systems to help guide you. 

Whenever you feel like you need clarity or direction along the way, reconnect back with the clear quartz you programmed, maybe sit with it for a bit and meditate, soak up its vibration, and realign with the power of your inspired intentions.

As you start seeing your goals and dreams coming to fruition in your life, you can always cleanse your clear quartz and re-program it with new intentions. This is a wonderful practice to do each new moon, to get clear on where you’re at with your life, what you’ve already achieved, and what you want to experience in the future!

Ready to manifest your dreams?


clear quartz crystal


We have some stunning clear quartz specimens in the shop that are full of vibrant, healing light. 

Quartz towers, wands, clusters, and spheres are great for directing the energy of your intentions out to the ethers and beyond, to gain support from all the Universal forces.

Our small tumbled quartz and palm stones are perfect to carry with you throughout the day, to bring a high vibration into everything you do.

Take a peek around and see if any clear quartz beauties are calling to you!

Set your intention, amplify energy, energize the manifesting process, expand spiritual growth, activate the law of attraction, remove limiting beliefs.


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