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Charoite: Meaning & Healing Properties

Charoite is a magical and rare violet-colored stone with a swirling luster that shimmers in the light. It brings transformation and insight, helping you see through the haze of worry and busy thoughts, aligning your mind with your highest purpose. 

Best Crystals for the Third Eye Chakra

The best crystals for the third eye chakra remove energetic blockages, eliminate conditioning, and activate your access to your spiritual potential. By enhancing your inner knowing and unlocking your intuition and creativity, your third eye will expose you to limitless magic.

6 Best Crystals for Sleep

Crystals help us in all sorts of situations, so naturally, they can also improve your chances of having a restful night’s sleep. Here are the best crystals for sleep for deeper, high-quality rest.

Blue Calcite Crystal Meanings and Uses

Healing Blue Calcite Crystal is associated with the throat chakra. However, this crystal’s energy also resonates with the third eye chakra. Blue Calcite can open you to spiritual ascension, psychic abilities, creativity, acceptance, and deep spiritual healing.

Crystals to Tap Into Your Intuition

Crystals carry energetic frequencies that can help support you in tapping into your intuition. Here are some of the best crystals to help support you in learning to trust the voice within. Covered in this article is labradorite, Lemurian, lapis lazuli, sodalite, malachite, selenite, and amethyst. 

Amethyst Crystal Meaning and Uses

The magic of amethyst crystal has been known for centuries. Here is a deep dive into a potent crystal ally to have by your side and one that people tend to encounter pretty early on in their journey with gemstones. With its unique history, healing properties, uses, and meanings, let's get deep with amethyst. 

The Stone of Transformation : LABRADORITE

Protective, transformational, and magical, this stone should be next on your list, once you have all the basics that is. Why? Well, let us tell you more about it. 

Lapis Lazuli Healing Benefits

Royal blue and eye-catching, Lapis Lazuli is a beaming crystal exuding powerful energy. Lapis Lazuli's healing benefits are as unique as its physical features. It’s among the more restorative, nurturing, and peace-inducing crystals gifted to us.

Want more love and clarity? Amazonite is your crystal.

People use Amazonite for various reasons. But one of the best reasons why carry this crystal is to boost self-confidence, draw out negative emotions like anger or sorrow, or simply to uplift your energy. You can also find its aid when you're struggling to communicate your truth, as it removes blockages and brings clarity.