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What’s most unique about the throat chakra is that it works with all of the other chakras --for example the sacral chakra for inspiration and the root chakra for communicating healthy boundaries. This makes it even more imperative to keep the fifth chakra open, and flowing with energy. The following crystals for the throat chakra will help with this alignment.


Intuition Pouch - Sodalite & Quartz$32.00

Tap into your intuition and activate your third eye chakra with this dreamy pouch of sodalite and quartz. Comes with a sodalite palm stone, quartz point, crystal collector card ...

Lapis Lazuli Heart$18.00

ROYALTY • INSPIRATION • INTEGRATION • COMMUNICATION Lapis Lazuli is the stone of wisdom. It allows you to speak your truth clearly and concisely. This royal blue-colored crystal...

Sodalite Bracelet$26.00

Sodalite crystal promotes honesty and openness. it inspires intuition, clarity, and creativity, and is a wonderful aid for meditation. It brings an understanding of difficult si...


Restore, expand, and fulfill your most powerful love-source. Also called the 4th Chakra and Anahata--the Heart Chakra is perhaps the most commonly unbalanced chakra and yet the most important for a fulfilling human experience. Anahata is a Sanskrit word that means unbroken and unstruck. Perhaps not exactly the same state as your heart.


Love Pouch - Rose Quartz / Green Aventurine$32.00

This combo provides soothing frequencies to the heart chakra.  This beautiful pouch is filled with a combination of two powerful love crystals, Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine....


ROSE QUARTZ | GARNET | CLEAR QUARTZ HARMONY | COMPASSION | AFFECTION Discover one of nature’s most fascinating secrets with this gemwater bottle by VitaJuwel. Indulge yourself ...

Product Title$99.00

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A balanced Solar Plexus chakra allows you to make decisions from a place of harmony and direct your energy exactly where it is meant to be going. This chakra supports your vitality, ensuring you are able to express yourself and your intentions from a place of awareness. 


Quartz Palm Stone$18.00

The ultimate power crystal to amplify energy Comes with a quartz crystal collectors card with its metaphysical properties. Origin : Brazil. Approximately 1.75 x 1.5 Inch  POWER...


JADE (NEPHRITE) | CARNELIAN | ORANGE CALCITE | CLEAR QUARTZ OPTIMISM | ELOQUENCE | GOOD LUCK Discover one of nature’s most fascinating secrets with this gemwater bottle by vit...

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet$28.00

Attract abundance and confidence with the energy of this Tiger’s eye bracelet. Elastic stretch band. Comes with a Tiger’s eye crystal collectors card. Tiger's Eye is a natural p...


The Sacral chakra is associated with the color orange, vibrant, and full of life, this chakra helps you channel your desires and express yourself emotionally. Crystals that are orange are especially helpful for directing the powerful vibrations of this chakra. 


Peach Moonstone Heart$16.00

HOPE • INTUITION • POSSIBILITIES • INSPIRE Peach moonstone is associated with the love of beauty and romance. This peach moonstone heart with unlock your nurturing energy, and o...

Citrine Tower$98.00

PLEASURE • PLENTY • TRUTH • ABUNDANCE • WEALTH  All-natural citrine, not treated. Citrine is an absolute must-have for manifesting wealth.Put it on your nightstand and use it as...

Carnelian Palm Stone$16.00

Carry this positive, joyful energy with you throughout the day  Comes with a carnelian crystal collectors card with its metaphysical properties. Approximately 1.75x1.5 Inch Ori...


The Root Chakra is the foundation where we establish our stability and our connection to the physical world. When you feel ungrounded, this could signal an imbalance in this chakra. In times like these, you may be in need of some help to bring you back into balance. Crystals are a natural way to bring back your center and give you the feeling of being centered and grounded again.


Product Title$99.00

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Aragonite star cluster$8.00

PERSEVERANCE • CREATIVITY • STABILITY • INTEGRITY • ENERGY • SUPPORT Approximately 1-2 inch. Each cluster comes with an aragonite crystal collectors card. Origin : Morocco  WHY...

Red Jasper Palm Stone$16.00

Stay grounded and carry the nurturing energy of red jasper throughout your day with this palm stone. Comes with a jasper crystal collectors card. Approximately 1.7 x 1.5 Inch  P...