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Sodalite Bracelet - COMMUNICATION

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Sodalite crystal promotes honesty and openness, making it a powerful ally for clear communication and truth-seeking. Known for its rich blue color with white veining, sodalite inspires intuition, clarity, and creativity, making it an excellent aid for meditation and spiritual growth.

This crystal brings a deeper understanding of difficult situations and encourages sound decision-making, helping you navigate life's challenges with wisdom and insight. Sodalite is also an excellent crystal to use for observing the behavior of others, enhancing your ability to empathize and understand your place in the universe as well as the roles of those around you.

Whether used in meditation, carried as a talisman, or placed in your living space, sodalite can help you achieve a higher state of awareness and mental clarity. Embrace the enlightening and harmonious energies of sodalite to foster better communication, deepen your intuition, and promote a more thoughtful and understanding approach to life


Come's with a sodalite crystal collectors card. 

SM - 16cm,  or 6.3 inch wrist, 4mm beads

MD - 19cm, or 7.5-inch wrist, 6mm beads

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