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Atlantisite Palm Stone

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Discover the captivating blend of green Serpentine and purple Stichtite in this Atlantisite crystal. This unique crystal offers a dual energy that promotes inner peace, compassion, and a deeper connection with past lives. Immerse yourself in the serene vibrations of Atlantisite as it harmonizes your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Derived from specific geological formations, Atlantisite is a versatile crystal associated with specific chakras for holistic balance. Elevate your spiritual journey and embrace the calming energies of Atlantisite. Uncover the rich metaphysical properties that make this crystal a valuable addition to your collection.

Apprix 1.75 x 1 inch palm stone. 

Each stone is one of a kind, colors will vary. This is an exclusive crystal, so we do not have crystal cards for this particular stone at this time. 

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