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Malachite Slab

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Malachite offers a sense of emotional empowerment. It brings strength and courage while helping to ease fears. Encourages balance and inner strength during challenging times.

Select the drop-down to choose your exact crystal! Comes with a malachite crystal collectors card. Slab sizes are approx. 3 - 6 inches

WHY • To create a new reality. To turn pain into power. To intensify the vibrations of your truest dreams. And so it is. Malachite is an intense and thorough enemy of negative energy, allowing experiences and emotional states that no longer serve you to exit the aura peacefully.

HOW • Malachite absorbs, cleanses, and protects. Its superpower lies in its ability to draw out the emotional blockages that can lead to physical ailments.

WHERE • This stone is a powerful cleansing crystal, and can be used on the lower back and abdomen to promote ease in menstrual cycles and childbirth. Placed on the third eye (in between the eyes), it can help clear psychic blockages, and can be used on or around the heart chakra (middle of upper chest) to call forth fidelity in relationships. One of the most powerful healing crystals, malachite is recommended for use in smaller doses.

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