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Mini Brazilian Quartz Cluster

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Comes with a clear quartz crystal collector card with healing properties and uses.

Origin : Brazil.

Approximate dimensions:

Small: 10-25 grams; 1 inch

Medium: 30-50 grams; 2 inches

Large: 55-85 grams; 2.5 inches

Extra Large: 90-130 grams; 3 inches

Clear quartz, known as the "Master Healer," is celebrated for its versatile energy and ability to amplify and cleanse surrounding vibrations. Each hand-selected cluster showcases a captivating display of sparkling crystals, radiating positivity and harmony.

With their multifaceted surfaces and intricate interlocking quartz points, these clusters create a mesmerizing play of reflections that infuse any space with tranquility. They serve as a centerpiece in meditation areas, healing sanctuaries, or simply as stunning decor.

Unlock the transformative power of Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters. Embrace their soothing energy during meditation, use them for chakra alignment, or elevate your living space with their positive vibrations.

Each cluster is one of a kind and varies in shape and size due to natural formations. 

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