Black obsidian for protection & emotional healing

Black obsidian for protection & emotional healing

Black obsidian for protection & emotional healing


One of our favorite grounding and protection stones is black obsidian, a type of lava-formed glass that’s created when the hot lava meets the water and cools very quickly.


This fire meets water energy is perfectly expressed in the two signs obsidian is associated with, Scorpio and Sagittarius. It has the deep and expressive power of Scorpio, to help you dig into your own dark trenches within. And it has the strength, stamina and fire power of Sagittarius to kick your perspective into gear and help you find the bright side to all the ick. 


Like all black stones, it carries wonderful properties to absorb, deflect and protect from negative energies, but obsidian is especially good at helping smooth out our tumultuous ocean of emotions. 


When you’re feeling low down, depressed, are grieving, confused, or full of pain, reach for obsidian to help you find some stable emotional ground to stand on, and release all the heavy, stagnant, dense emotional energy you’re carrying.


Its beautiful, glossy sheen helps us reflect on ourselves and find the strength within to carry us through any hard times. It’s a wonderful healing stone to have in your crystal toolkit. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use it in your life! 


Obsidian for protection

black obsidian for protection

Obsidian is a powerful crystal with a rich history in crystal healing. Known as the warrior stone, it was used by our ancestors as a protective anchor to stave off invaders or keep them safe while hunting. This igneous rock, formed from volcanic glass, can be traced back as far as Paleolithic times when it was used as an arrowhead for literal protection. In ancient Taoist history, the first acupuncture needles were made from obsidian, highlighting its long-standing association with healing and protection.

The power, strength, and healing abilities of black obsidian have aided humans for centuries, making it one of the most powerful allies you can carry to protect your energy field from invasive and toxic energies. As a black gem, obsidian is less dense and more gentle than the other master protector stone, black tourmaline.

This makes it an ideal crystal for empaths or highly sensitive people who tend to take on emotional energy from others. By shielding your energy from outer influences, black obsidian can help you keep your energy in and other people's energy out.

Overall, obsidian is a powerful crystal with a rich history in crystal healing. Its protective properties make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to shield themselves from negative energy or emotional overwhelm. Whether you're looking for a powerful ally for spiritual protection or simply seeking to bring a little more balance and harmony into your life, obsidian is a must-have crystal in any crystal collection.

Obsidian for emotional healing


black obsidian for protection

An incredible healing stone for emotional support, obsidian is especially useful when you’re experiencing some of the lowest, darkest feelings. Grief and loss, emotional trauma and pain, or even just chronic stress and adrenal fatigue can be incredibly uprooting for your whole life. Obsidian energy is like supportive arms there to catch you, to help you move through the hard emotions, and eventually come back to a state of grounded balance.


For self-work, obsidian is an essential tool for helping you dive into your shadows, to see the emotional ties and bounds that still cage you, to help you become aware of all the emotional energy that has been hiding in the dark places within.


This is incredibly helpful, as it doesn’t just shove down the emotions, it helps you let them out, express them, and move their energy out of your field.


Its when we try to push down or contain our emotions when blocks and shadows are created. Obsidian helps bring all the emotions out into the light to create true, lasting healing in your life.



Obsidian for root chakra grounding


obsidian stone for protection and grounding


Grounding is an essential skill most of us modern humans have lost sight of. In the most literal sense, it’s when we connect our electromagnetic energy into the electromagnetic energy of the earth, just like grounding an electrical pole on the street.


When you’re not grounded, your emotions can become frenetic, static and hay-wire. Obsidian is one of the best tools to help you ground your electromagnetic energy, and help you reconnect with the smooth flow of consistently supportive earth frequencies.


On an energetic level, obsidian works with the root chakra, helping it open and send its grounding cord down into the earth.


This grounding cord also acts as your energetic drainage system, being a place where you can release unwanted energy out of your field and back into the earth to be composted.


Obsidian is wonderful to work with in helping you identify, transmute and release any heavy, stagnant or stuck emotional energy that’s been hiding, not only in your root chakra, but your entire chakra system.


An Obsidian Meditation for Emotional Clearing



obsidian stone for protection and grounding


Whenever you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed or spun out, grab an obsidian stone to hold or have nearby you as you come to stillness and take a few deep breaths.


It can also be beneficial to place some small tumbled obsidian or palm stones beneath your feet, to help you ground and release the emotional weight.


Here’s a wonderful grounding & clearing meditation to try with your obsidian:

  • Close your eyes and imagine roots growing down from your feet, deep into the ground.
  • Connect with your root chakra, at the base or your spine or at your cervix- imagine a ball of light energy there, in red or a bright earthy green color.
  • Imagine this ball dropping down from your center, down down down to plug into the heart of the Earth. Breathe.
  • Now imagine or feel into your obsidian stones sucking up and moving out all the heavy, stagnant and stuck emotional energy, and any energy that doesn’t belong to you.
  • You might see the energy as black sludge or goo. Let it move down and out of your root chakra, down and out of those roots beneath your feet, and back into the earth to be composted.
  • You can also light up certain emotional energy by saying hello to it, like “Hello, anxiety”. Then imagine that energy being absorbed by the obsidian like a sponge, and let it move down and out your root chakra.
  • Breathe and see how you feel.


It can be helpful to grab a journal and write about what emotions came up for you or how it felt to release them after this sort of meditation, if you feel called to. Acknowledging and documenting your energetic work can help make it more real in your life and give you something to look back on as you shift and come into more balance!


Do this anytime you need to clear out heavy or overwhelming emotions, to help you ground and get present so you can make decisions from a more calm, open, supported place.


If obsidian is calling to you, we have a few different options to explore in our shop. 



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