Blue Calcite Crystal Meanings and Uses

blue calcite meaning

Blue Calcite Crystal Meanings and Uses




Blue Calcite crystal is made of calcium carbonate, forming a soft, blue exterior with hues of white and grey. It was referred to as alabaster in ancient times because of its milky appearance. 


Healing Blue Calcite Crystal is associated with the throat chakra. However, this crystal’s energy also resonates with the third eye chakra. Blue Calcite can open you to spiritual ascension, psychic abilities, creativity, acceptance, and deep spiritual healing.


Though it’s known for its calming energy, Blue Calcite can fill you with such peace you naturally feel empowered and have complete trust in life. But you’ll need a deeper understanding of this overlooked healing crystal to get there.


Blue Calcite Meaning & Energy

Blue Calcite is a protective crystal that transmutes unwanted energy that may enter your aura. 

This could be self-doubt, fear, insecurities, anxiety, and general sadness. It can also help ward off negative energy seeping off of others.


The etheric protection helps you maintain a connection with your higher self. Blue Calcite helps guide you to the safest parts of your inner world, like a little lighthouse when your ship feels lost at sea.


Healing Properties of Blue Calcite


Humans are creative beings. It is part of our purpose to see the magic within the world around us and to create something new with it. If you look at how far humanity has come in art, science, and technology, you can see we have no problem doing that.


However, even Pulitzer prize winners get writer’s block. And when your creativity and imagination are blocked, it becomes hard to get into the flow state–the highway to your potential. Blue Calcite breaks down barriers that block this flow, including stress, overthinking, unbalanced Yang energy, fatigue, hopelessness, or a tendency to analyze or disassociate.


Blue Calcite gives you unlimited access to your imagination, creativity, and authentic expression by opening your mind’s eye. You’ll awaken dreams you forgot you had and dare to follow them. When you align with the source energy within you, anything is possible.


To Maximize the restorative properties of Blue Calcite, pair it with similar crystals, including Angelite, Aquamarine, Celestite, and Angelite.


Crystal For Throat Chakra Healing 


Do you struggle to advocate for yourself, express your feelings, set boundaries, or voice your needs? These may be a sign that your throat chakra is blocked. 


This healing crystal makes it easier to set boundaries. Use Blue Calcite to restore a relationship’s balance, synergy, and authentic communication. Eventually, honoring yourself will come naturally, even when it’s uncomfortable for others.


Why Would You Use Blue Calcite?


Daily life offers many opportunities to use Blue Calcite that include but are not limited to:


  • At work for ideas and mental clarity
  • To enhance creativity for artistic expression
  • During a meeting for concise communication
  • For meaningful conversations with a loved one
  • To ground you when stressed or anxious
  • Alleviate joint and bone pain
  • Release negativity
  • Motivation and purpose
  • Take ownership of your needs and feelings
  • Activate the throat and third eye chakras
  • Encourage self-representation
  • Psychic development
  • Dream recall
  • Discernment


Tapping into the energetic potential of Blue Calcite isn’t beginner’s work but is certainly worth exploring. For some, Blue Calcite will be perfect for clearing creative blocks, getting inspired to write, paint, and express yourself artistically, or even having on hand to strengthen your communication skill.


For others, Blue Calcite is a stone of power, one that helps with telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spiritual expansion, angel messages, and connecting to the other side. It’s essential to be clear of your intentions when working with or wearing Blue Calcite. You don’t want to invite a spiritual experience you’re not ready to have.


Blue Calcite and Meditation


Meditation is the easiest way to take advantage of Blue Calcite’s benefits. The calming crystal energy can wash over you by being still and focusing on the present moment. Hold or wear your 

crystal while meditating or reciting Blue Calcite Affirmations.


Affirmations for Blue Calcite


I am full of ideas and inspiration

It is safe to be myself

I have permission to show up to my life authentically

My needs are important

Signs of the spiritual realm surround me

My angels are always nearby

I trust myself


Astrology Meaning of Blue Calcite 


Blue Calcite packs a spiritual punch for any zodiac sign but is especially resonant with those born under a Cancer or Pisces Sun. 


Though this crystal is of Air energy, it is best for water signs who tend to feel very deeply. The Air energy from Blue Calcite helps restore logic and clear things and serves as a life raft for water signs who can sometimes drown in the depth of their emotions.


This crystal is also associated with the number 3 and Yin energy.


Blue Calcite FAQ


Q: Are there any Blue Calcite Warnings?

A: Paired with other crystals, Blue Calcite can maintain high vibrations that may have an intense emotional impact. Use it on its own before combining it with other divinity tools.


Q: Can Blue Calcite get wet?

A: It is safe for Blue Calcite to be in the water for short periods. The mineral is water stable but is vulnerable to fissures due to its softness.


Q: Where should you keep Blue Calcite?

A: Blue Calcite can be worn as jewelry or best kept in a family room like the living room. Its benefits are also potent in your work area and in small amounts in your bedroom.



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