Blue Crystals for Authenticity, Expression & Balance

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Blue Crystals for Authenticity, Expression & Balance


Blue crystals are calming and uplifting, associated with the freedom of the sky, the depth of a mountain lake, and the expanse of the ocean.


Their energy is cooling and creative, expressive and insightful, helping you feel more clear and confident to live as your authentic self.


Blue crystals can activate the energy of many chakras, but they primarily work with the throat and third-eye chakras. From the aqua blue hues of the throat to the deep indigo hues of the third eye, blue crystals help deepen your ability to access your innate truth and inner wisdom, to help you find balance and uncover the depths of who you truly are.


Let’s explore some of our favorite blue crystals to see how they can enhance your life.


Blue Calcite


best blue healing crystals


Incredibly calming for stress, intense emotions, or an overwhelmed nervous system, blue calcite is very soothing in any situation. It can cleanse dense, heavy emotional energy from your body and your environment, bringing a sense of peace and balance.


An excellent stone for empaths who tend to take on other people’s energy, blue calcite can help shield you from absorbing all those emotions from the outside world as it cleanses your auric field.


It fosters psychic communication and insight, opens the third eye, and is a great crystal to hold onto during astral travel, dream work, or a guided meditation to help your mind stay clear and able to connect with the astral realm and your intuition.


Blue calcite also activates the throat chakra helping you express the insights you receive, stimulating your creativity and clear communication so you can share all your brilliant ideas without self-consciousness.



Lapis Lazuli


best blue healing crystals


A powerful psychic stone, lapis lazuli activates the wisdom of your third eye while opening your throat chakra to speak its truth. 


It’s a beautiful crystal to use for manifestation as it helps you get clear on your vision and bring it to life. With its striations of golden pyrite running through, it helps you ground your insights into physical reality and amplifies your willpower to reach your goals.


A stone of nobility and presence, lapis lazuli raises your confidence and heightens your awareness while aligning you to your true soul’s purpose. It’s a stone of the higher self, to help you understand and embody your greatest purpose here on earth.


Full of magic and mystery, lapis lazuli can help you unlock your psychic powers and expand into a more brilliant and authentic life, opening you to your full potential.





best blue healing crystals


A crystal to help you find your voice and use it, sodalite helps you put words to your feelings and express your authentic self. It links the mental energy of the third eye chakra with the expressive energy of the throat chakra, helping you better understand and express your thoughts clearly and honestly.


When you feel confused, purposeless, or lost, sodalite offers grounding to help you release the mental clutter and toxic emotions so you can make a clear decision, or see where you need to go.


It enhances your powers of observation, giving you a greater depth of insight into your subconscious beliefs and behaviors, and that of others, helping you be more understanding. 


Bringing calm and inner peace, sodalite sparks your urge to express your truth freely and stop second-guessing yourself.



Blue Lace Agate


best blue healing crystals


With soft, soothing energy, blue lace agate encourages you to speak up and share, helping release long-held blocks in the throat chakra around self-expression and self-esteem.


When you need to speak clearly with compassion and grace, blue lace agate’s stabilizing, supportive frequency will help you do just that, moving past the fear of judgment or rejection to express yourself. It’s an excellent stone for public speaking or anytime you’re sharing your thoughts with strangers or a wide audience.


A highly balancing crystal, blue lace agate calms stress and anxiety, and quells nerves and tension, bringing a sense of well-being to the mind and heart. Its energy is warm and protective, helping you feel more secure and accepting of yourself as you transform old stories and find your truth.


This subtle blue beauty helps you relax, recover, and develop your patience. It’s a stone of self-reflection and inner work to release you from destructive patterns and foster your growth as you develop a greater understanding of the human condition.





best blue healing crystals


A stone that brings in the peaceful energy of the angels, angelite is a gentle crystal that lifts your consciousness and spirits to a higher frequency.


A great emotional healer, angelite can dispel fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, and other toxic emotions, helping to move them out of the body and bring in calm, uplifting energy in their place. It opens you up to faith, hope, and possibility when you’re feeling low, and helps you connect with your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and all your energetic helpers.


Activating the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, angelite helps lift your mood and lighten your load. It opens your ability to express yourself and accept yourself with love, and opens your mind and perceptions to a state of compassion, forgiveness, and grace.


Angelite is a stone of surrender, helping you exhale, release, and fall into the universal flow, allowing your intuition and spiritual connection to guide you into a life of more balance, peace, and truth.




If you’re ready to trust yourself, express yourself and bring more cool, calm energy into your life, you’ll love any of these blue beauties that speaks to you- you can find them all in our shop. 


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