Chrysocolla: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Chrysocolla: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Chrysocolla: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

The Meaning of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a gorgeous crystal in swirling blues, greens, and browns, the colors of the Earth itself. It’s a magical stone that opens and expands your heart energy and communication abilities and grounds them into the earthly plane to help you express yourself in the world.


Known as “the goddess stone”, chrysocolla holds energy that is as beautiful and harmonious as it is stable and strong. It contains a rich archetypal feminine frequency, one that’s both loving, compassionate, and intuitive, as well as strong in conviction and holding the integrity of one's truth.


It connects the heart chakra with the throat chakra allowing you to communicate with love and understanding. It adds softness, acceptance, and wisdom to hard conversations you may need to have, and helps you express the truth of your emotions from an honest and clear place, choosing the best words to convey what your heart most wants to say. 


This is an excellent stone to support musicians and those who use their voice to creatively express themselves, whether by singing, chanting mantras, acting on stage, or for anyone who speaks for a living, from lecturers and professors to YouTubers and content creators. 


Chrysocolla is a copper-rich crystal that stimulates your action, strength, and fortitude, but its breakdown into soft greens and blues softens the copper’s energy, bringing calm, loving, warm-hearted vibrations through, supported by the resilience of the metal it contains within.


Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use chrysocolla to bring healing into your everyday life! 


Chrysocolla Healing Properties

Emotional & Mental Healing

Incredibly healing for the inner child, chrysocolla offers its nurturing, feminine energy as a support to help you release old wounds and blocks you’ve been holding onto since childhood.


It connects you back to the natural joy, exuberance, and wide-open perspective of your inner child, helping you express its delight, creativity, and abounding love in your life.


Chrysocolla’s nurturing energy calms anxiety and depression and helps you connect to the truth you hold within you and start to release the expectations and conditioning placed upon you from the outside world. 


It’s a great stone to dispel anger and negativity, soothe frayed nerves, and ease frustration and irritation, cooling the inner fires. It helps you express what has been bottled up and bothering you, and to do it from a place of love and understanding.


Physical Healing


Chrysocolla strengthens the body’s resistance to illness, supporting the immune system, and realigning the body’s energies to bring them into balance.


As a throat chakra stone, chrysocolla is excellent for healing and supporting the physical throat area. It can bring relief to a sore throat, swollen tonsils, laryngitis, or anything affecting the throat or neck area, and helps bring balance to the thyroid gland. It’s a good one to hold onto as you’re receiving any dental work, with the intention to reduce pain and increase healing.


It’s also said to be helpful in clearing the lungs and congestion, as the heart chakra rules the area of the lungs as well. Anything connected to the breath and speech is served well by chrysocolla’s energy as it increases the flow of breath, eases inflammation, calms pain, and speeds healing. 


Spiritual healing

As it fills your heart with more love, chrysocolla helps you become more tolerant and understanding of others, release judgment and criticism, and listen to what other people have to say with open ears.


In this way it increases your wisdom, widening your perspective and allowing you to benefit from an expansive understanding of how other people think and express themselves in the world. It also deepens your own expression of the innate wisdom you hold, opening the channels for clear words of truth to funnel through you.


It reveals your highest knowledge and connects you to your wisest instincts, expanding your compassion both outwardly towards the world, and inwardly towards yourself. 


Using Chrysocolla in your Life


For Everyday Flow 

Wear or carry a chrysocolla stone with you throughout the day to keep its expressive, loving energy with you and bring more ease and flow into the entire day.


Having it on or near you will let its frequency surround your whole aura, bringing more understanding, tolerance, and love to all your interactions and experiences throughout the day.


In Relationships 

Chrysocolla can help bring compromise and solutions that both people feel are fair, lessening anger and reactivity, and smoothing out the edges of prickly communication.


Wear it over your heart or hold it there and close your eyes, imagining your relationship feeling easy and open, with loving communication flowing through.


Hold your chrysocolla whenever you want to speak to or listen to your loved one from the heart. Or place it in the center of the room to send out its calming vibes of love and understanding into the whole space.


For Communication

To aid you in all your communications during the day, whether you’re writing, speaking, singing, or making music or art, keep chrysocolla on you or near you to help your voice communicate with love, to help you channel your highest wisdom through, and to keep you feeling confident and clear in what you want to say. 


Bring a chrysocolla stone to meetings with you, hold one as you’re posting on social media, writing an email, talking on the phone, or having any interactions with others that you want to bring an open heart and truth of expression to.



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