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Sacred Gems: A guide to the top 13 essential healing crystals

Whether you’re just starting a healing crystal collection or have more than a million special gems, these 13 essential sacred stones are the secret to experiencing powerful shifts.


The very crystals that adorned warriors for protection, blessed palaces of old, and healed ancient princesses, are now bestowing our nightstands, jewelry, and hearts with their eternal and essential healing energy.

Lions gate portal - Time to manifest your desires

 The Lions Gate Portal is a time to align with your intentions and amplify your energy.

You can use this time for meditation, journaling, or just to get clear on what you want in your life. Remember that the universe is always working behind the scenes for you, and it will deliver your desires when it's the right time.


Chrysocolla: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Known as “the goddess stone”, chrysocolla holds energy that is as beautiful and harmonious as it is stable and strong. It contains a rich archetypal feminine frequency, one that’s both loving, compassionate, and intuitive, as well as strong in conviction and holding the integrity of one's truth.


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Green Aventurine: Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

The stone of opportunity, green aventurine has open-hearted, optimistic energy to propel you forward towards all your heart’s desires.

Associated with the element of air, this vibrant green crystal brings fresh ideas and perspective and can help you embrace change as you’re moving through it.

Jade Stone: Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Jade is a gorgeous green crystal long heralded as a talisman for love, good luck, and prosperity. 

Used for centuries in different cultures spanning from ancient China to Egpyt to the Maori in New Zealand, jade is thought to bring wealth, wisdom, and longevity to all who work with it.

Tips for Beginners to Find the Right Crystals for You

Pay attention to the crystals you feel immediately attracted to or interested in. There could be something about the color, the cut, the glimmer, the shine- you don’t have to define what you like about it, just follow that magnetic pull and see what it draws you towards.