Crystals for Beginners: Using Crystal Healing Energy in your Life

Crystals for Beginners: Using Crystal Healing Energy in your Life

Crystals for Beginners: Using Crystal Healing Energy in your Life


Crystals are so special on this Earth because they are physical forms of consciousness itself. Discover the healing powers of these magical crystals. 


They can harness, store, transmute and emit energetic frequencies, such as light, sound, emotion, thought, and electromagnetic energy.


This is why they’re used in electronics and computers- there’s surely quartz in whatever device you’re reading this on right now. They can hold immense amounts of information and are truly Earth’s record keepers


They work on the subtlest and deepest levels of our being, reminding us of our connection to the Earth and to the minerals and metals that are essential for our human bodies to thrive. 


Our bones, our brain, our heart, our DNA- they are all crystalline in structure. Crystals are far more than just pretty rocks, which is why we’re so in love with them!


Working with healing crystals


You can work with crystals as if they are conscious beings, because on the deepest levels, they are! If you treat them with awareness, and as if they are aware of you too, like a little pet, you can create an energetic connection with your crystal that cultivates true healing in your life.


All you need in order to work with crystals in a beneficial way is your intention and attention.




When you first get a new crystal friend, you want to cleanse it and clear it of any energetic imprints it has absorbed before it came into your life.


To do this, the absolute best way is to return the crystals to their original home- the earth. Stick them in the dirt, on the grass, bury them at the foot of a tree in your backyard. Get them into the darkness of the dirt and they’ll release any energy they’ve been holding and restore their innate balance.


Other ways to cleanse crystals include laying them out under the moonlight, or in some cases the sunlight, smudging them with smoke, rinsing or soaking them in water, placing them on a selenite plate or bed of hematite, or using reiki or simply the power of your intention to clear and reset their energy.


Be sure to look up if there are any specific recommendations for the particular crystal you’re working with, as some don’t like water or sunlight.




You can also use your intention to amplify the crystals energetic role in your life.


Crystals all have their own magic and unique frequencies, and they will always be working to help bring you into balance and healing, whether or not you set a specific intention with them. 


But when you consciously work with them, like “hey, can you help me shift the energy around this area in my life?” that’s when significant shifts happen. That’s when energetic mountains move. 


Your intention for healing, paired with a crystal’s innate ability to amplify, direct and transform energetic information, is what creates turbo-powered changes in your life.


To program your crystal for a certain goal, simply hold your cleansed crystal in your hands, breathe and state your intention for that crystal, either out loud or in your mind. 


“Help me find more balance and peace.”

“To attract abundance and opportunities.”

“May I find harmony in all my relationships.”


Whatever is on your heart and mind, whatever you feel like you’re struggling with, large or small, speak it into the crystal and let it get to energetic work.


You can then place the programmed crystal in a particular spot around your house, on an altar or bedside table, have it near you as you work, or wear or carry it with you wherever you go. 


The crystal will act like a cheerleader, director, and energetic bouncer to help guide your way forward towards what you want with more ease, flow and authenticity.


Best beginner-friendly crystals

When you’re just starting out playing with crystals, there are a few we recommend you start with for an introduction to the awesomeness crystal healing energy can bring to your life.




Amethyst is the one and only royal purple beauty that is one of the most popular and coveted crystals for good reason. It’s a master healer stone, this is a great stone for anyone looking to start their crystal collection . It’s a variety of quartz that is attuned to your spirit, to your mind, to your intuition. It’s one of the most relaxing and stress-relieving stones that you can have in your collection. It brings peace, relaxation, an open mind, eases tension and fear, and calms adrenal freakouts and triggered nerves. It aligns you back with a higher perspective, with your intuitive knowing, with clarity of mind and a calm aura to guide you. 



Carnelian brings fire, passion and creativity into your life. It’s like a spark of life to help you find motivation, stamina and courage to move forward towards what you most want in life. It increases blood flow, chi and physical energy, and helps balance the sacral chakra where all your emotions are held and stored in your energetic body. When you’re feeling tired, worn out or can’t connect with your creative spark, carnelian helps restore your vitality and urge to create. 



The great clearing stone, selenite clears your aura and chakras, clears bad vibes and negative energy, clears physical spaces, and even clears other stones! When you want to wipe the energetic slate clean, purify yourself from toxicity, emotional or physically, and lift your consciousness higher, selenite is your best friend. Use selenite on your body or wave it through your aura for personal energy field clearing. Keep it in a physical space with the intention to clear bad vibes and low energies from a room. You can also lay other small tumbled stones of any sort on top of a selenite charging plate or in a selenite bowl for a day or so, to clear and reset the energetic qualities of those stones.



For grounding, support, perspective, and healing in everyday real-world life, you need some tourmaline. There are many varieties, most notably black tourmaline, which is seen as the vacuum for negative energy. There are also pink, green, and watermelon tourmaline, all heart openers that help ground and support any big waves of emotional energy. You can also find tourmalated quartz, which is clear quartz with tourmaline inclusions, and pairs the protection of tourmaline with the transformative power of quartz. All tourmaline varieties offer grounding and supportive energy to help balance emotions, clear mental clutter and reconnect you with your inner power. 


We carry all of these stones, and many more in the shop! Take a look around and see which crystals are calling to you.




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