Crystals to Tap Into Your Intuition

Crystals to Tap Into Your Intuition

Crystals to Tap Into Your Intuition

Crystals carry energetic frequencies that can help support you in tapping into your intuition. Here are some of the best crystals to help support you in learning to trust the voice within. Covered in this article is labradorite, Lemurian, lapis lazuli, sodalite, malachite, selenite, and amethyst. 

What is intuition?

Intuition is the inner-knowing that everyone has which guides and directs you through life. It is the wisdom of your spirit that is tapped into the web of existence. Your intuition helps you make decisions and move through different experiences from the mundane to the spiritual. 


Like emotions, intuition is not something that is static but moves through you like waves. Sometimes your intuition can be a loud sense or feeling of “do this now” or it may show up in subtle ways like a small inkling of what direction you should take or if you should trust a situation or not. 


This dimension of being human is vastly important to knowing yourself and deepening wisdom on your life’s journey. 

How do crystals help you tap into your intuition? 

Crystals are one of the tools you can use to give more space to this part of your being. They can open, awaken, support, and strengthen your ability to tap into the unseen aspects of existence. Intuitive development can also come with a variety of benefits including:


  • Clearer decision making
  • Self-knowledge 
  • Strengthening inner-wisdom
  • Visionary and psychic abilities 


And with that let’s get into the seven best crystals for intuition and how to work with them.

7 Crystals for Tapping into Your Intuition 



labradorite crystals


Key properties: Protection, rootedness, spiritual boundaries, enhancing psychic abilities, magic 


Labradorite is an excellent stone for developing intuition as it is both spiritually opening and very protective and grounding. As you tap more deeply into your inner-knowing, you can find that you also start to feel more spacey or ungrounded. Therefore, it can help to be working with a crystal that can keep you tethered to your body as you explore these expansive realms of spirit and intuition.  


How to work with Labradorite: 


Labradorite can be held during meditation or spiritual practices. They can be used in amulets as well as worn as magical jewelry. They can also be in the form of a tower or crystal ball and meditated on as a point of focus for opening up intuition. 



lemurian crystal meaning


Key properties: Divine connection, spiritual awakenings, memory keeping, access to ancient wisdom


Lemurian is a form of quartz and is known for helping you gain access to ancient knowledge and wisdom. When embarking on an intuitive development journey this stone can be a perfect ally as it opens you to information about the ancient past and past lives. 


It supports you in expanding your consciousness and sensing the bigger picture. With Lemruian’s support, you can be brought into a deeper understanding of the greater web of the universe. This stone is said to carry and keep the energetic and spiritual memories of the planet and peoples of the past. Lemurian seed crystals in particular have ridges along the sides that are programmed with this consciousness. 


How to work with Lemurian: 


You can work with Lemurian as a tool for healing and heart-opening on your path to awakening your intuition. When you begin intuitive development, you will notice that you encounter new layers of self that need healing, recognition, or integration. You can find that working with this stone helps you see the deep wisdom of the earth and how aligning yourself with these forces can support you on your life’s journey. 

Lapis Lazuli


lapis lazuli crystal


Key properties: Truth, communication, self-expression, visionary states


Lapis lazuli is a deep royal blue that supports you in opening up your visionary abilities through the Third Eye Chakra. This stone is a very powerful ally for awakening latent psychic gifts and enhancing confidence around intuition. It is also a gemstone that is symbolic of truth and will support you in speaking, communicating, and sharing the wisdom that you envision through your intuitive awakenings. 


A stone for royalty in the past, lapis lazuli supports growing confidence and can help you feel empowered in your skills and abilities. You can activate a sense of certainty in following your life’s path and purpose. 


How to work with Lapis Lazuli: 


Lapis lazuli works well in jewelry and has been used this way for hundreds of years. It is decorative and beautiful as well as spiritually opening. Wearing this crystal around your neck on a pendant can be an especially powerful place to wear on the body as it is near the Throat Chakra, supporting you in expressing your intuitive gifts. 



sodalite crystal meaning


Key properties: Expressing your truth, trusting your intuition, working through Throat Chakra blocks


Sodalite is another blue stone on this list that also acts on the Throat Chakra. It is one of the best stones for getting past blocks in expressing yourself. Working with this gemstone can help you see things the way they really are. Sodalite supports you in accepting what is true and accessing deeper states of wisdom in the process. It is particularly supportive in helping you trust your intuition. 


How to work with Sodalite: 


Sodalite can also be worn as jewelry to help open the Third Eye Chakra, which is one of the intuitive centers of the energy field. It can also be carried around in your pocket supporting you in bringing clarity to the messages that your intuition is sharing with you. 



malachite crystal meaning


Key properties: Heart-opening, generating thoughts and ideas, enhances instincts 


Malachite is a green stone that helps open the mind and heart to insights and information. This is essential when developing your intuition as a slew of thoughts and ideas can come into your mind’s eye. Malachite helps to hone and focus intuitive messages, bringing increased discernment and clear instinctual knowing. This gemstone vibrates with the heart chakra which helps you utilize your intuition from a place of love and compassion. 


How to work with Malachite: 


Malachite can be kept on your altar or in the space you use for spiritual practice as it will help generate insights and open your mind to new information. It can also be held during meditation when working on self-growth related to accessing your intuition. 



selenite crystal meaning


Key properties: Spiritual cleansing, clarity, divine communication, spirit guides, spiritual insights


Selenite is excellent for cleansing the aura and your energy field in order to remove spiritual clutter. You can find that you are able to access your intuition with more clarity when you work with selenite. In addition, it helps support you in accessing spirit guides and divine communication, expanding the reach and scope of your intuitive abilities. 


How to work with Selenite: 


When tapping into your intuition it is a great idea to have a piece of selenite in the space to filter any spiritual static. You can also hold selenite or wave it through your aura when beginning and ending and intuitive meditation or spiritual practices. 



amethyst crystal meaning


Key properties: Spiritual wisdom, releasing fears around opening intuition, protection


Amethyst is a powerful stone with many amazing properties and benefits for your spiritual growth, helping you move through any fears that arise when tapping into your intuition. You can meditate with this stone and ask it to bring enhanced awareness into your life. This helps you understand how visions or insights personally flow through you, helping you know yourself better and your own intuitive process. 


How to work with Amethyst: 


You can add amethyst to a ritual bath or gem water elixir. It is a non-toxic stone that can be infused into a cup of water, just make sure to remove the stone before drinking. Take in the energetic properties of amethyst before beginning a meditation or other spiritual practices that are focused on intuition. In addition, amethyst can be formed into a crystal ball and used as a point of focus when meditating and aligning your chakras, allowing intuition to flow clearly and precisely. 

Some takeaways for tapping into your intuition

Everyone’s journey with intuitive development will be different and there is no one way to tap into your intuition. Remember your process is unique and your relationship with your intuition is your own. Consider the crystals here and what aspects of your intuition you are wanting to access. Partner with the ones that your intuition is calling you toward and see how magical experiences can unfold when you ally with the stones! 


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